Republicans are staunchly advocating for safeguarding New York elections

Last year, the Democrats faced a major defeat in the New York elections. They lost all but one of the swing seats in the state’s House due to their lack of understanding of the issues that are important to New Yorkers. The people of New York are well aware of the consequences of President Joe Biden’s failed policies, Governor Kathy Hochul’s leadership, and the Democrats in Albany. With open borders, a surge of illegal immigrants, escalating violent crime, and the rising inflation, families are facing significant challenges.

Instead of addressing the concerns and anger of the voters, New York Democrats are undermining the rule of law and attempting to erode the remaining election integrity measures in the Empire State. They are unlawfully attempting to gerrymander congressional districts and have devised a strategy to implement unregulated mass mail-in ballots without any safeguards. Governor Hochul has recently signed a law that eliminates basic absentee ballot safeguards, which opens the doors to chaos in our election system.

Thankfully, a coalition of Republicans and Conservatives is taking a stand against the far-left agenda and defending election integrity in New York’s courts on behalf of all New Yorkers. Alongside RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and the Republican National Committee, I am leading a lawsuit joined by my fellow New York Republican representatives, Nick Langworthy, Nicole Malliotakis, and Claudia Tenney. We are also supported by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the New York Republican Party, the Conservative Party of New York, and Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections.

As a New York voter, I am strongly committed to this fight. We cannot allow Kathy Hochul and extreme New York Democrats to destroy what little remains of election integrity in our state. Under Hochul’s leadership, elections have become less secure and transparent, and this new law would make them unconstitutional. Unregulated mass mail-in ballots are explicitly prohibited by the state Constitution, and New Yorkers have already rejected this measure in a past vote. Yet, the far-left Democrats continue to disregard the Constitution and the will of the people.

It is crucial to maintain basic election safeguards to ensure trust in the voting process. New Yorkers deserve to have their voice heard and their will respected in constitutional matters. Unfortunately, New York Democrats have failed on both counts, and that is why we are taking them to court. Our coalition is suing the state to prevent this unconstitutional and underhanded policy from becoming law.

This isn’t the first time Republicans have had to step in to uphold basic election integrity in New York. In 2021, when radical Democrats attempted to let non-citizens vote in New York City elections, we took legal action and emerged victorious. Trying to undermine trust in elections and circumvent the law is not only poor policy, but it also reveals the radical agenda of the Democrats. New Yorkers are perceptive, and they can see through these attempts to impose their radical ideas on our state.

Republicans in New York and across the country are committed to fighting against the Democrats on crucial issues like this. Voting methods like absentee ballots can only be trusted if there are essential safeguards in place and if they are used by individuals who cannot vote in person during the designated period. We encourage people to follow the legal process for applying and voting by absentee ballot, as outlined in the state constitution. This is our stance, and it aligns with the majority of New Yorkers, as demonstrated in the past election.

We are eager to take on this case in court and secure a victory for all New Yorkers. As the chair of the House Republican Conference, I am dedicated to upholding election integrity and ensuring that the people’s voices are heard.

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