Republicans must learn from the electoral failures of the European right.

The American right is currently experiencing a level of excitement not seen since the emotional events of election night in 2016 at the Javits Center.

President Biden’s numerous failures during his time as commander-in-chief have given Donald Trump an advantage in their upcoming rematch.

The recent debate further solidified Trump’s position as the frontrunner while raising concerns that Biden’s presence on the ticket could negatively impact other Democratic candidates.

As the GOP anticipates its return to power, it would be wise to look at cautionary tales from across the pond.

In a recent legislative election in France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally initially triumphed in the first round but was ultimately overtaken by a leftist coalition led by Jean-Luc Melenchon’s New Popular Front.

Additionally, France’s center-right Republicans, who have struggled since their 2017 defeat, lost 25 seats in the recent election.

Despite ongoing dissatisfaction with the status quo, Le Pen has repeatedly failed to secure the electoral victory expected of her.

American conservatives should heed this lesson and prevent extreme factions from seizing control of the GOP.

In the U.S., Trump’s unique appeal and lack of a firm ideological foundation, coupled with the Democrats’ vulnerabilities, have shielded him from accusations of extremism similar to those faced by Le Pen.

However, if Trump returns to office without concerns for his political future, he could potentially damage the Republican brand by embracing fringe elements.

Recent endorsements of controversial figures like Laura Loomer and Steve Bannon raise concerns about the direction of the party under a second Trump presidency.

Empowering such voices could have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond Trump’s presidency to permanently harm the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party recently suffered a significant defeat at the hands of Keir Starmer’s Labour Party due to their failure to address key issues like immigration that were crucial to voters.

Conservative MP Robert Jenrick acknowledged the party’s failure to deliver on promises made to the public, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues like immigration.

It’s essential for conservatives to maintain a strong coalition by effectively neutralizing extreme elements rather than conceding ground to the left.

Ahead of their return to power, Republicans must learn from the experiences of their European counterparts to avoid a similar fate.

Isaac Schorr is a staff writer at Mediaite.

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