Senate abolishes John Fetterman dress code in victory for regular people

Wows: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s bid to appease man-boy John Fetterman just lost to a revolt of the grown-ups.

And by a unanimous vote, too.

(Did we really just say that?)

After Schumer announced a rule change to let Fetterman do his blue-collar role-play on the floor in his trademark sweatshirts and gym shorts, Hobo Fett celebrated by shlubbing it up from the chair.

Then Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah) led a bipartisan uprising to roll back Chuck’s change.

America owes a big “thank you” to these Brooks Brothers in Arms for their mini-revolt.

The Senate is a repository of the people’s sovereignty, a fundamental of our democratic republic.

The least members can do is put on a tie.

It’s a sign of respect for the voters who elect them — and for staffers, who didn’t benefit from Schumer’s loophole.

Reality check: Fetterman’s getup does accurately reflect his resume. He’s a rich slacker supported by his folks into his 40s.

But the bipartisan Senate revolt suggests that maybe, just maybe, the Democratic Party isn’t quite as bought into working-class cosplay as Twitter suggests.

Though it’s probably too much to hope for real policy pivots.

All the same, this is a rare stand-up moment for Congress, and it deserves to be noted.

And Sen. Collins, your bikini can stay in the closet until after Memorial Day.

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