Sept. 12, 2023: Letters to the Editor

The Issue: Mayor Adams’ warning that cuts will be made to city agency budgets due to the migrant crisis.

Of course the city budget has to be reduced (“Border storm,” Sept. 11).

That was inevitable with Mayor Adams at the controls.

Of course, it started with the Democratic White House opening up the southern border to anybody and everybody. And you can’t expect Democratic leadership in Albany. Gov. Hochul has no business being in office.

Then, of course, we have our Democratic mayor, who insists on having a sanctuary city to encourage the illegal immigrants to make themselves at home at taxpayers’ expense.

When will the voters wake up? Never thought I’d see a mayor as bad as Bill de Blasio, but Adams is close.

Robery Leavy

Middle Village

Adams said we are a sanctuary city and migrants should come. Well, they have — by the busload.

Mayor, your job is to work for the people in New York. We pay taxes, and now you want a 5% budget cut from every city agency.

You did not think this through. New York will be destroyed under your leadership, and you alone are responsible. I call for your resignation. You’re unfit to be mayor.

Owen Kelly

Valley Stream

I am disgusted by the lack of action from Adams, President Biden and Gov. Hochul regarding the migrant crisis, and I’m sure many other New Yorkers are, too.

I was a New York City resident until early 2022, when I moved to Long Island. Now I am finally fed up enough with everything that I’m packing it in and moving to Florida, like many folks before me.

Although Biden 100% caused this issue, Mayor Adams is a flat-out disgrace and as bad a mayor as his predecessor de Blasio who helped ruin a prosperous city.

Nobody said Adams had to accept these migrants. Now that he did, he is taking services and benefits away from tax-paying New York citizens.

He should be a one-term mayor. It’s actions like this and many more that wake folks up to elect a Republican into power to clean up the mess. Brad Cangro

Garden City

How about Adams and his main cronies all take 25% pay cuts to support the illegal immigrants he invited in?

And Hochul should do the same, so we, the taxpayers, don’t need to be burdened as much.

Leonard Daniels


Democrats in general and Adams in particular ignored the wave of immigrants because it did not affect the true power brokers of the city — and that is the financial industry and the wealthy.

Adams was elected by a surge of minority and working-class voters, and these are the people who are seeing their neighborhoods and way of life being torn apart by the illegal immigrants.

But their voices don’t matter, unless they use the power of the ballot box to make a radical change.

James Barends

Wayne, Pa.

As a senior citizen who has spent my entire life as a Queens resident, I am beyond horrified at what is happening in our city today.

We are hearing promises that service cuts will take place. What about the rights of legal residents and citizens?

We are the ones who pay taxes. We are the ones watching our city be overrun with crime — from kids robbing business to pickpockets to subway assaults to attacks on the street. Tourism will also suffer.

I always said I’d never leave New York City. I wanted to be close to Broadway and museums. Yet I find myself looking at Florida senior communities. I’m not moving yet — but the appeal is getting stronger.

New Yorkers have to realize that without a change in our political leadership (local and federal), it’s only going to get worse and worse.

Ellen Minaker


The pivoting mayor wants to cut police overtime to help pay for the expense of being a sanctuary city.

Want to save millions on migrants? Send them to Washington, DC and Delaware.

Mike Lapinga

Staten Island

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