Sept. 20, 2023: A Collection of Letters to the Editor

The Issue: Sen. Chuck Schumer’s order that the dress code no longer be enforced for senators.

How could Sen. Chuck Schumer so demean the dignity of the Senate (“Schu OKs slovenly Senate,” Sept. 18)?

Staff and senators dress appropriately out of respect for the institution of that chamber and its work.

Looking forward to some C-SPAN footage of a near-empty Senate with various levels of casual dress, perhaps even tank tops, shorts and flip-flops.

Richard D. WIlkins


How about American citizens decide the new dress code for all of Washington, given the circus it’s become?

I vote for little red noses, jumbo bow ties and floppy hats.

At least then we can laugh when they act like clowns.

Marion McLaren

Bay Shore

Why has Schumer changed the dress code for Sen. John Fetterman?

Is it somehow related to the physical challenges stemming from his stroke?

Sens. John McCain, Bob Dole and Daniel Inouye all managed to put on a suit and tie a neck tie despite their war wounds.

Can Fetterman’s challenges compare to theirs?

Oscar Huettner

Solebury, Pa.

I voted for Fetterman to be my senator and would do so again.

I am, however, disappointed in him for his lack of decorum and respect for his colleagues, as displayed through his extremely casual and embarrassing attire.

I also feel let down by Schumer, who has prioritized Fetterman’s penchant for inappropriate clothing by directing the Sergeant at Arms not to enforce the body’s longstanding dress code, which mandates that male senators wear a necktie and suit jacket when on the floor.

When baseball players become part of the New York Yankees, they know that they’ll be required to be well-groomed, and invariably, they comply in order to be a part of a legendary organization.

The same should apply in the Senate.

One member should not have the ability to force 99 colleagues to bow to his wishes.

Oren Spiegler

Peters Township, Pa.

I attended and graduated the technical course at George Westinghouse HS in Brooklyn (1967-1971), and we were required to wear a jacket and tie the whole four years of education.

Can you believe we had more class in class than the Senate has on the Senate floor?

Andrew Watz


Schumer is the consummate politician and swings like a weathervane.

It’s no surprise that he has suspended the established professional dress code for legislators on the Senate floor.

Schumer wanted to accommodate Fetterman, whose signature style of dress is a hoodie, shorts and sneakers, even for official functions.

Unfortunately, deportment doesn’t matter to Schumer, so he’s lowering the bar for standard professional dress.

Schumer, clothes do make the man, and professional dress must be maintained.

Michael Headley


The residents of Pennsylvania should be embarrassed with their senator.

The dress code for senators has been downgraded because of Fetterman.

We’re seeing the same deterioration in the Senate as we see in many of our major cities.

Fetterman should be ashamed, and the people of the fine state of Pennsylvania should vote him out the next chance they get.

Donald Riccio

Manchester, Conn.

So instead of dealing with our country’s major issues like the economy, border crises, migrant influx, inflation or national defense, Schumer spent his time working on a change to the Senate’s dress code.

Now Fetterman can show up and vote on the Senate floor in shorts and a hoodie.

The Senate is now being turned into a regular social hall. and we’ll now see weighty debates being argued in shorts, hoodies and sweatshirts. How undignified.

Harold Fishman


If the esteemed Sen. Fetterman now decides that he wants to go on the Senate floor “au naturel,” will Schumer change the dress code once again?

Just asking.

Stephen Beccalori


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