September 21, 2023: Letters to the Editor

The Issue: The City Council’s plan to remove art that features early American figures from city property

Like most Democrat-run cities, New York has become a cesspool (“City Council’s history lessen,” Sept. 19).

As the city sinks into oblivion, leftist members of the City Council consistently prove that they are unqualified, incompetent buffoons.

Their latest ploy is to remove any mention of the likes of the great President George Washington, Christopher Columbus, John Jay and Peter Stuyvesant from city properties.

These men were not perfect, but they helped America along its way to greatness.

How does a small minority of biased leftists get to erase them from history?

When are patriotic Americans going to say enough is enough?

The time is now.

Frank Perry

Morristown, NJ

George Orwell in “1984” foretold the rewriting of history.

“The Party” slogan was: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

The City Council, by attempting to erase these founders, risks erasing the very foundation of America’s democracy, the Constitution and America’s history.

The City Council’s intentions reflect sheer arrogance and very dangerous ignorance.

Thomas Birnbaum


When looking into historical villains, as New York City seems to be doing, they are so far overlooking one of the most outrageous protectors and practitioners of slavery.

After being formed in the 1830s, the Democratic Party advocated continuing and advancing the spread of economic slavery so strongly that it resulted in a horrible Civil War in the 1860s.

When that effort failed, they transformed into “Dixiecrats” who used terror to enforce strict racial separation and hostility for 100 years, into the 1960s.

So maybe the City Council can start purging those who still hold allegiance to this long-time, historically pernicious political organization.

Jay Sylvestor


The recent decision of the City Council to look into removing historical statues of our Founding Fathers makes you realize how out-of-touch Democrats are.

People from our past lived according to the norms of their times, and like everybody else, did great things and some bad things.

Rather than just learn from history, the left wants to remove it.

And rather than deal with the real problems we are having now such as crime, open borders and declining standard of living, the progressive left focuses on actions that do nothing to make American lives better.

It’s a movement that only exists to decrease our standard of living and to put up straw men, while real problems go unchecked.

Mindy Rader

New City

As the foremost bastion of waste and inefficiency, the City Council now has nothing better to do than to discuss the removal of statues of early figures in American history.

One would think that there would be serious concerns about agency budget cuts, necessitated by the mounting expenses of services for asylum seekers.

How about a discussion on effectively regulating child-care services or reducing rampant crime?

Sadly, taxpaying citizens are funding this circus.

Yakov Moshe


The radical left City Council now wants to put statues of Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Jay on the chopping block.

This is only the beginning.

They will find other ways to eliminate other historical figures from our history books.

The Democratic Party with its toxic narrative and politically correct nonsense will not cease its vitriol against America.

Its members are bent on besmirching our Founding Fathers.

Instead of focusing on the city’s myriad problems, they would rather remove statues.

America corrected its mistakes, and 600,000 died defeating slavery.

The City Council lefties continue to rub the raw racial wounds of yesterday with their feckless and divisive proposals.

Joseph Valente

Staten Island

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