Sharing bank records could enable Joe Biden to silence impeachment efforts

President Joe Biden has an easy way to completely derail the GOP impeachment inquiry if, as he insists, there’s really absolutely nothing there: Just hand over your bank records, sir, and those of Hunter and his shell companies.

Seeing those records is the central reason Speaker Kevin McCarthy upgraded House investigations to such an inquiry, now that they’ve established such hard facts as:

  • As veep, Joe met with Hunter’s “biz” associates at least 16 times, amid more than 80 White House visits. That includes Joe dining with Burisma exec Vadym Pozharsky at DC’s posh Cafe Milano.
  • Hunter’s then-partner, Devon Archer, says the now-First Son put then-VP Joe on speakerphone at least two dozen times amid meetings with overseas clients.
  • Bank records show over $20 million flowing from foreign interests via a web of shell companies to various Bidens.
  • Available evidence suggests that Joe’s blackmailing of the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor targeting Burisma was not based on Obama administration policy, but did follow a meeting where Burisma bigwigs demanded Hunter get the pressure reduced.
  • Emails, texts, photos, and many first-hand accounts further outline blatantly apparent influence-peddling.

Once upon a time, our president insisted he “never spoke” to his son about his foreign business deals. Later, the claim became that he “was never in business” with Hunter, and/or that these meetings only involved discussing the weather.

More recently, Biden’s defenders shifted first to assert that there’s “no evidence” of Joe’s involvement — and now to insisting there’s “no direct evidence.”

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