Soft-on-crime policies destroyed Chicago, the town I love, taking my brother away

Fox News commentator and political analyst, Gianno Caldwell, is set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in Chicago on the negative impact of progressive “soft-on-crime” policies in the city. Caldwell, who lost his younger brother to gun violence in June 2022, will discuss how these policies have turned Chicago into an “active warzone.” In his opening statement, Caldwell expressed gratitude to Chairman Jordan and Congressman Burgess Owens for the opportunity to speak and acknowledged the efforts made by Congressman Owens and his staff to facilitate his appearance. Caldwell, a South Side native, shared his personal journey from getting involved in public service at the age of 14 to becoming a political consultant and media analyst in Washington, DC. He emphasized the devastating consequences of Chicago’s soaring crime rates on innocent community members, including his own family. Caldwell criticized the city’s elected officials for ignoring the voices of the people and highlighted the exodus of businesses due to the escalating crime. He attributed this crisis to the policies implemented by the Cook County Prosecutor, Chicago’s recent mayors, the Governor, and other Illinois politicians. Caldwell recounted the tragic loss of his teenage brother, Christian, and the impact it had on their family. He stressed how being in the wrong place at the wrong time in Chicago could mean a death sentence, as exemplified by the murder of 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams. Caldwell refused to accept the notion that his brother’s life should be reduced to a statistic, and lamented the immense loss of potential among Chicago’s youth. He highlighted the city’s alarming homicide rates, which are on track to make 2023 one of the most violent years in decades. Caldwell revealed his personal sense of defeat upon learning of his brother’s murder and cited the case of a five-month-old girl named Cecilia, who was also a victim of violence. He described Chicago as an active warzone, expressing concern over the fear experienced by residents and the lenient policies surrounding crime. Caldwell criticized “soft-on-crime” measures, such as prosecutors refusing to prosecute, the decriminalization of offenses, the Safe T Act (which eliminates cash bail), and the “no-chase” policy that hampers police efforts. He argued that these policies have become a death sentence for Chicagoans, with criminals operating with impunity. Furthermore, Caldwell highlighted the racial disparities in the city’s crime rates, particularly affecting Black individuals. He called on Congress to use its funding power to prioritize citizen protection and implement measures such as increased resources for law enforcement, support for programs addressing the root causes of crime, special funding for funerals, legislation promoting community policing, and increased funding for reintegration programs for the formerly incarcerated. He also urged the deployment of the FBI to help solve murder cases and emphasized the need for additional detectives in Chicago.

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