Speaker Johnson urges US to overthrow oppressive regimes

During this week’s NATO summit, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson gave a powerful speech calling for American action against the “China-led Axis” threatening Ukraine, Israel, and beyond. Here are highlights of his speech, delivered at the Hudson Institute on Monday.

For almost 40 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a period marked by America’s policy of peace through strength, global conflict and war have been mostly absent.

However, this is no longer the case.

Under the current trajectory, the world is becoming increasingly unstable, and in this crucial moment, American actions will continue to shape the course of the free world.

We all understand that while democracy may not be perfect, the burden of self-governance is much lighter than the tyranny of oppression.

Currently, without American leadership, we face a future that could be dominated by communism and tyranny instead of liberty, opportunity, and security.

In Europe, Putin has made it clear that his ambitions extend beyond Ukraine, likening himself to Czar Peter the Great and advocating for the restoration of the Russian empire.

Xi Jinping is also actively working to expand communist influence, particularly in the South China Sea.

In the Middle East, the Ayatollah seeks to revive the caliphate and eliminate Israel.

These threats have been growing for some time, but weak leadership has allowed them to flourish.

Under the Obama administration, we witnessed a period of international apologies, military sequestration, ISIS growth, Russian aggression, Chinese influence expansion, and a problematic nuclear deal with Iran.

Today, similar failures are occurring under Joe Biden, who has empowered a foreign policy establishment focused on appeasement rather than strength.

He fails to address China as an adversary, neglects support for Israel, and has shown leniency towards Iran while opening borders to potential threats.

The weakness of past administrations invited aggression, and Biden’s leadership now fuels that aggression at an alarming rate.

The situation was different during the Trump administration, where a strong security posture was established to counter China, deter Russia, and protect American interests in the Middle East.

The Trump administration did not shy away from confronting adversaries, leading with strength and resolve.

The Republican Party values realism over idealism, prepared to fight when necessary with a policy of peace through strength aligned with 21st-century challenges.

As we navigate the shifting landscape of global politics, the choice between leadership and decline rests in our hands.

It’s crucial to remember the lessons of history and stand firm in defense of our values against modern threats from China, Russia, and terrorist groups.

Choosing to ignore or appease these threats is not an option; instead, we must uphold American fortitude and willingness to fight for what is right.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) is the 56th Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

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