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Staten Island Residents Rally Against Migrant Shelter and Other Issues

No immigrant hate

I recently read an article titled “Hate at migrant site in SI” (Aug. 28), and I want to make it clear that the hatred and violence is not coming from the residents who disagree with the handling of illegal migrants. In fact, I personally know many people who are either immigrants themselves or descendants of immigrants. They or their parents and grandparents came to this country legally and did not become a burden on the citizens here. The current influx of immigrants is illegal, as they have skipped ahead of those who are legitimately seeking asylum due to open-border policies. Our elected officials, with a few exceptions, are being deceived. It is unfair to label opponents of this as anti-immigrant.

Alma Orenstein, Queens Village

Drink recs change

Dr. George Koob’s recent comments calling for a significant change to the federal recommendations on alcohol before the review of alcohol research has even begun undermines the scientific rigor and objectivity of the entire dietary guidelines process (“Biden’s alcohol czar warns new guidance could be only 2 beers a week,” Aug. 24). For over 30 years, the federal guidance on alcohol consumption has been no more than one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men, for those who choose to drink. It is concerning and inappropriate for a federal official to pre-determine the outcome of the dietary guidelines and suggest changing decades of precedent without scientific review to support such a sweeping change.

Amanda Berger, Vice President of Science and Health, Distilled Spirits Council, Washington, DC

Readers of The Post are expressing their opinions on the opposition to migrants in the city.

Paul Martinka

One Post reader disagrees with the “progressive” leadership in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Anthony’s anthem

I must applaud Oliver Anthony for stating that he finds it amusing that his song was used at the Republican primary debate (“‘Rich Men’ singer: I’m no Joe fan,” Aug. 27). He is absolutely right in saying that it applies to both parties. Both parties crave complete control and want to burden the middle class with excessive taxes. While I lean towards the Republicans, I still believe that neither party has the best interests of the people in mind. Both parties are out of touch and controlled by wealthy individuals who lack substance.

Chris Plate, Waterloo

LA mayhem

Just like in New York City and other cities, law-abiding citizens in Los Angeles are now outnumbered by misguided “progressives” who continue to vote for irrational lawmakers and prosecutors that bring nothing but destruction to a decent way of life (“Ballot Bandits,” Susan Shelley, PostScript, Aug. 27). What’s even worse is that they are unaware of the consequences right in front of their eyes. It’s hard to believe that we have reached a point where reason and logic are absent. Why would anyone vote for the certain decline in their safety and quality of life?

Gary Layton, Interlaken, NJ

Sorority spat

As a former member of a sorority myself, I am puzzled as to how this apparently unwelcome transgender individual was admitted into the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at the University of Wyoming (“Sorority stymied,” Aug. 30). I assume that the process remains the same: there are rush parties to meet potential new members, and then current members vote on who they would like to extend invitations to. Prospective members cannot join unless the members want them in the group.

Sharon Wylie, Westport, Conn.

Oliver Anthony finds it amusing that Republicans enjoy his music.


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