Team Biden’s gender extremism knows no bounds


The fanatical gender extremism of Team Biden never ends.

The latest outburst: Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine’s announcement at a Connecticut children’s hospital that practices “gender affirming” pediatric care — i.e. cross-sex hormones and even surgeries — that these procedures have “support at the highest levels of the federal government.“

“President Biden supports you. I as the Assistant Secretary for Health will support you,” said Levine (who is herself transgender). 

Parents, science and possible regrets be damned: Get these kids on drugs and the operating table! 

Remember, Levine’s remarks come amid a global trend of growing, justified skepticism about the value of such treatments for kids. 

Sweden, Finland and Britain have moved sharply away from them. Here in the US, Florida and seven other states have banned them outright, and 23 more are taking similar actions.  

Joe Biden
Levine said that Joe Biden supports children seeking gender-affirming surgery.

No more than the actual evidence demands. These treatments bring with them major risks and permanent life-altering side effects, like loss of bone density, sterility and sexual dysfunction. 

And that’s to say nothing of detransition — i.e. when a transitioner decides they made the wrong choice and can face a lifetime of medical hardship to go back. 

There’s zero good evidence suggesting that surgeries or hormones make any difference to the psychological well-being of minors, despite wild claims that such treatments stand between kids who feel out of place in their bodies and suicide. 

Indeed, Levine herself said in 2019 that she was happy she waited until adulthood — in her case, 54 — to transition: “If I had transitioned when I was younger then I wouldn’t have my children. I can’t imagine a life without my children.” 

She understands all the dangers here. (Not shocking; she’s an MD.) But for the children of other people? Hormones before puberty hits and surgery.

What’s driving her gender extremism — and that of her boss — is unclear.

In Biden’s case, it’s likely woke pandering. Levine, meanwhile, has been caught on email discussing pediatric gender care as an economic proposition for a former employer. 

But whatever the motive, it has nothing to do with science. Or the best interests of confused kids. 


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