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The ADL’s Betrayal of its History: Nicaragua’s Conflict with the Church and Other Perspectives

From the right: The ADL Betrays Its History

The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment for all,” yet it now “simply attacks anyone who doesn’t go along with the far-left agenda,” thunders Chaya Raichik at Human Events.

X/Twitter chief “Elon Musk revealed that the ADL had ‘pushed hard for us to shut down accounts like Chaya’s, even though it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism.’ ”

The ADL added Chaya to its Glossary of Extremism, charging that her “Libs of TikTok is a popular anti-LGBTQ+ twitter account.”

Musk also, she notes, claimed “the ADL is responsible for him losing many advertisers” by claiming “Elon and X are anti-semitic.”

The left-leaning ADL isn’t really “anti-defamation at all and now Elon is going to expose them like never before.”

Eye on NY: Empire State Job Pain

“When it comes to post-pandemic job recovery, most of New York is trailing far below the national average, ranking among the worst-performing areas in the entire country,” reports the Empire Center’s E. J. McMahon.

“Private job counts as of July exceeded pre-pandemic levels in 38 states,” including neighboring New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, but New York’s “recovery remained among the weakest in the nation.”

Meanwhile, New York City private employment had exceeded pre-COVID levels by just 1.5%, “only good enough to rank 242 out of 375 US metro areas.”

COVID beat: Campus Hysteria Continues

University of Michigan students who live in dorms and test positive for COVID this fall “are required to temporarily move out,” putting sick students in a hard place, gripes Reason’s Robby Soave.

The policy is “so extreme and disruptive that many students will probably avoid taking COVID-19 tests, even if they are seriously ill.”

“Imagine a student who presumes he has a bacterial infection and desperately needs antibiotics” but doesn’t go to the university hospital for fear of testing COVID-positive.

Rather than “creating a police state to punish students for contracting COVID-19,” maybe “university health officials could work harder to provide accommodations for students who get sick and voluntarily agree to quarantine.”

Foreign Desk: Nicaragua’s War on the Church

Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez has been unjustly imprisoned for over a year and a half; his nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize along with exiled Bishop Silvio José Báez could shed light on the “country silently resisting under repression,” notes Elmer Rivas at The Hill.

In recognition of Álvarez’s “courage, conviction and coherence,” eight “former presidents of Costa Rica, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias, have joined the proposal to nominate Álvarez” and Báez for the 2024 Peace Prize.

The Ortega regime “has taken increasingly severe repressive measures,” imprisoning priests, banning religious celebrations in the streets and expelling whole congregations, confiscating their property.

“Nicaragua faces a serious human rights crisis” and “international recognition of [Álvarez’] work for peace in Nicaragua would mean an important gesture of solidarity.”

Conservative: Watch This Inflation Gage

“Nearly 2½ years into the Biden administration, it’s clear this administration still doesn’t understand the financial hardship the public is being forced to endure,” argues Carrie Sheffield at the Washington Examiner.

“Prices are about 16% higher today than when Biden took office, ravaging the public’s earnings and savings.”

And while the Consumer Price Index shows inflation easing markedly to 3.2% in July, “a sharper measure of inflation is the median consumer price index, or median CPI.

That was 6.09% in July, nearly double the standard CPI.”

The Cleveland Federal Reserve says this stat “provides a better signal of the underlying inflation trend than either the all-items CPI or the CPI excluding food and energy” as it excludes outlier data including wild price shifts.

Says Sheffield: “The median CPI helps explain why just 37% approve of Biden’s handling of the economy,” as “a shocking 54% of the public reported using savings to pay for everyday expenses such as groceries and rent.”

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