The aging Oscars showcase talent and major egos

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And the Oscars are . . . 93

The Oscars was a 1929 brain drain from MGM’s second “M” — Louis B. Mayer. Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 250 egos swallowing fish and chicken. Douglas Fairbanks made a quickie quiet speech. No media.

L.B. Mayer: “Hang medals, awards on film egos. Then they’ll kill themselves to produce what you want.” Those gold-plated statuettes — even announced before being given — grabbed one magazine paragraph.

Janet Gaynor, 22, won Best Actress for her role in three films. Best Actor, Emil Jannings. In ’39, director Margaret Herrick thought the statuette resembled her uncle Oscar. Supposedly, that’s how the name began.

Time to eat out

Restaurants are resurrecting. After hitting the stock exchange opening bell Jesse Jackson hit Midtown’s Bice Cucina. Michael Cohen with the wife, but without the ankle bracelet, nodded to onlookers at Fresco. At the Plaza talking with everyone between martini sips — Martha Stewart. Friday at cigar bar Macanudo, Giuliani and Sharpton. 

Oz road

Besides Florida’s rotted oranges and potted seniors, Pepe Fanjul gave a fund-raiser at his Palm Beach farm for Mehmet Oz who’s running off TV and onto Pennsylvania’s Senate race. One cheapo, thinking the donation was $250, RSVP’d yes. Learning it was $250,000, he figured “Shove it” and sprung instead for a burger.

Dr. Mehmet Oz receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Mehmet Oz, better known as Dr. Oz, is running for one of Pennsylvania’s US Senate seats.
Getty Images/JC Olivera

Religious pols

Lent encompasses two spiritual tests: 40 years Israelites wandered; 40 days Jesus fasted. Today, monitoring both Repubs and Dems, some vaccinated, others maskless, He might’ve considered pols Pharisees and Sadducees.

Televangelist Pat Robertson claims Putin’s aim “is to move against Israel and, as predicted in the Book of Ezekiel,” Ukraine’s a “staging ground” for an eventual Armageddon battle.

Rev. Robert Jeffress, of Dallas’ First Baptist Church: “I don’t care how many rosary beads Biden rubs. He’s the ungodliest president in the history of our country.”

US President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland.
Rev. Robert Jeffress, of Dallas’ First Baptist Church called Catholic President Joe Biden “ungodly.”
AFP via Getty Images

Should Garth party on?

Letters “G” and “D” — often a beginning for a curse — fit Garth Drabinsky’s initials.

“Tyrannical . . . destructive . . . psychopathic . . . fraudster . . . nasty” are some of the nicer things said about him.

Convict. After producing “Kiss of the Spider Woman” and flunking a production company’s arithmetic, he did jail time for fraud and forgery.

There’s even a documentary swimming around: “Show Stopper: The Theatrical Life of Garth Drabinsky.” Imagine what he’d get if people liked him.

Theatre impresario Garth Drabinsky poses inside the Elgin Theatre.
Garth Drabinsky served prison time in Canada for fraud related to his theatrical production company, Livent, and still faces federal grand jury charges for fraud in the United States.
Toronto Star via Getty Images

The thing’s a look from ex-staffers, players like Chita Rivera, Diahann Carroll, Elaine Stritch who called him “my favorite convicted producer.”

Out after years in the can, this guy’s even producing a new show. “Paradise Square” opens April 3. He intends this as his comeback.

Legislators today want criminals treated nicely — so . . . go.

He’s a legacy

James Nederlander, who owned nine theaters plus the Palace, produced over 100 B’way shows like “Annie,” “La Cage aux Folles,” “Nine,” “Sweet Charity.” The musical “Rent” which played the Nederlander was the fuel for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Tick, Tick . . . Boom!” My friend James would have turned 100 Thursday. His son Jimmy’s producing “Mr. Saturday Night,” which previews two days before at the Nederlander Theatre.

James Nederlander Theatrical Producer, and incoming NYC Mayor Eric Adams walking thru the Theatre District.
Jimmy Nederlander is producing “Mr. Saturday Night.”

QUESTION: Who has an IQ of 200? Answer: Russia.

Not only said in New York, kids, not only said in New York.

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