The Destructive Consequences of Compassion on America’s Thriving Urban Centers

Compassion is killing us. 

It’s ripping out our very soul as a nation — wreaking havoc on our once great cities, our safety and our way of life.

Not the necessary kind of compassion that is touted in various religious scriptures, of course. This is the cynical variety that is wielded as a political cudgel by the left. It’s the very foundation of their agendas: soft-on-crime policies; come one, come all open borders; a seeming willingness to let drug addicts rot in the streets.

After a few years of these measures, we’re in one fine, self-inflicted mess.

Migrants are overwhelming New York City, and Big Apple residents are being advised to carry Narcan to revive random strangers overdosing on the street. Across the country, big-box retailers are closing up shop because, despite living in the age of surveillance, we somehow can’t figure out how to combat rampant shoplifting.

Our cities’ progressive overlords want to radically change the country under the guise of offering endless grace, humanity and empathy to those they view as living on the margins of society. And they brand anyone with common-sense objections to these bad policies as bigots of the highest order.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has excused shoplifters, saying they were just trying to feed their families.
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But the consequences are landing hard and fast for all of us.

Take Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, one of the main pushers of the philosophies that have led to urban destruction. In 2020, she defended looters and shoplifters as downtrodden, poverty-stricken folks simply trying to put scraps on the table.

“So they go out and they need to feed their child and they don’t have money. They are put in a position where they feel like they need to shoplift some bread or go hungry that night,” the New York Congresswoman said in a 2020 town-hall video that’s made the rounds again this week in the wake of the lootings in Philadelphia.

A liquor store in Philadelphia was ransacked this week, along with Apple, Foot Locker and Lululemon locations.
X / @KeeleyFox29
Looting in Philadelphia continued for a second night.
@Mile2x / X

To no one’s surprise, these false Robin Hood narratives — sympathies offered to the criminal class — have only emboldened thieves. Who is going to follow the rules when there are no repercussions?

Law breakers know they will get away with it because prosecution-averse DAs like Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner and Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg openly stopped taking on low level crimes.

Migrants line up outside Midtown Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel.
James Messerschmidt for NY Post
Over 125,000 migrants have flooded New York City since last spring, looking for shelter at places like the Roosevelt Hotel reception center.
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Contrary to AOC’s offerings, looters are not quietly swiping the essentials to build a nourishing meatloaf, as we saw in the City of Brotherly Love this week — where thieves stormed stores like Apple and Lululemon for expensive tech, designer goods and booze.

They rolled through like a category five hurricane, leaving the shops looking like a FEMA case. After all, both destruction and greed are the point.

Mayor Eric Adams bragged about New York City being a sanctuary city only a year ago.
Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

Influencer Dayjia Blackwell, who goes by Meatball, was so excited, so brazen, that she broadcast the mayhem online, taunting authorities: “Tell the police they’re either gonna lock me up tonight, or it’s gonna get lit, it’s gonna be a movie … This is what happens when we don’t get justice in this city.”

Meatball was busted but no one will be surprised if she gets a slap on the wrist.

Meanwhile, toothpaste is behind locked plexiglass in theft-ravaged drug stores. And Target is closing nine locations across the country — including the liberal-DA strongholds Manhattan, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon — erasing necessary jobs for hardworking members of many underserved communities.

Tranq and fentanyl have devastated cities like Philadelphia.
TikTok / @thebizzleeffect

“We cannot continue operating these stores because theft and organized retail

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