The economy takes priority in Argentina’s clear message

¡Viva la Argentina!

Argentine voters picked right-wing libertarian Javier Milei over lefty Sergio Massa as their president Sunday, sending a clear message to the country’s political elite: Ditch the socialism and fix the economy.

With a big personality, outsider persona and unique hair, Milei draws comparisons to former President Donald Trump — but make no mistake: Voters put him in office because of his ideas.

He vowed to slash taxes and spending, ditch the central bank, dollarize Argentina’s currency, privatize state industries and shrink the government by axing useless ministries (like the one for “Women, Genders and Diversity”).

In short, just the overhauls that Argentina’s crippled economy needs after decades of disastrous lefty Peronist policies that brought inflation to a crippling 143%.

For all his kookiness (like toting a chainsaw at rallies to symbolize his passion for cutting government waste), Milei is the last exit ramp before a cliff.

With the economy and inflation the main issues killing President Biden in the polls, Milei’s win should be setting off alarm bells in the White House.

Libertarian candidate Javier Milei was elected the next president of Argentina on Nov. 19, 2023.
Right-wing candidate Javier Milei was elected the next president of Argentina on Nov. 19, 2023.
REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian

When it comes down to brass tacks, voters will put their wallets and their families’ welfare first every time.

In Argentina, as in America: It’s the economy, stupid.

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