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The Editorial Inbox Overflowing with Concerns: Chaos in NYC Schools’ Migrant Situation

The Issue: The city school system’s failure to prepare for an influx of 21,000 illegal-migrant students.

As a New Yorker born and raised, I respectfully offer some thoughts regarding the Department of Education letter providing guidance on Project Open Arms, (“Kick in the ed,” Sept. 7).

First, this is no longer a “crisis,” but the new normal in New York City. Get used to it.

If city parents think COVID threatened their children’s education, wait until they see what happens next.

New York City and the United States should be welcoming to those who come here legally and extremely unwelcoming to illegal migrant invaders who are destroying New York City and the nation.

Michael Brautigam

Tallinn, Estonia

I would have some sympathy for the crisis in New York if the mayor had not been prancing around, declaring that New York would accept all illegal immigrants.

It’s amazing that he keeps thinking that somehow President Biden is going to drop billions of dollars on him, which will potentially be misused and not address the issue.

They knew this crisis within the schools was coming, but as usual, he kept thinking Biden was coming to the rescue, and now the teachers and administrators feel abandoned.

The failed progressive policies should make voters reconsider their priorities at the next election.

Greg Raleigh

Washington, DC

With some 21,000 migrant children overwhelming the city school system, you would think the “leaders” of New York City and state would be doing everything possible to add capacity to handle the influx they caused through their sanctuary policies.

Immediate approval of charter schools that New York law has prevented from opening would provide some relief, even if it would take some time to ramp up.

More of the city’s current schoolchildren would have better opportunities, and their space in the regular public schools could be used for migrants.

But this would have taken some forward-thinking on the part of Mayor Adams, Gov. Hochul and the rest of the self-serving cabal that passes for leadership in New York these days.

J. Mancuso

Naples, Fla.

With school starting, and the influx of all these immigrant kids, the question is: Are they vaxxed?

COVID numbers are on the rise again, and teachers are already stressed out as it is.

Harve Klatzko


The Issue: A 29-year-old migrant who has been arrested six times since he arrived two months ago.

There has never been a better time to be a criminal in New York (“He’s a 1-man migrant ‘crisis,’ ” Sept. 3).

Illegal immigrant Daniel Hernandez Martinez from Venezuela has been arrested six times in two months on 14 charges, including randomly attacking three strangers and two police officers, yet has not been deported.

Note to judges: When you repeatedly commit crimes, you can’t be released on your own recognizance because you don’t have any integrity.

You can’t make it up. It’s an insult to every New Yorker.

Hugh Ward

Rumson, NJ

There was a time not too long ago when Martinez, a “refugee” from Venezuela, would not have been allowed into the country, let alone allowed to enter our largest city and go on a six-arrest crime spree while being provided with accommodations, medical care and sustenance by the taxpayers.

No wonder the city is shedding taxpayers and businesses.

Dennis Middlebrooks


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