The elite use ‘Climate policy’ to maintain economic growth

Climate change became a major focus for politicians and elites in rich countries starting in the 1990s, after the Cold War ended.

During that time, the world experienced relative peace, economic growth, and progress in tackling poverty. 

Especially in European capitals, it seemed like most big global issues were resolved, making climate change the last frontier. 

Advocates for climate action enthusiastically pushed for moving away from fossil fuels that had driven centuries of growth, despite the high cost involved. 

This myopic worldview was proven naive over time.

The notion that climate change was the only major problem left for humanity to solve and that the world would unite to address it has been discredited by geopolitics and economics. 

A rapid global shift away from fossil fuels is not feasible. 

For many, climate change has never been a top priority, particularly in countries where poverty, hunger, and disease are ongoing challenges. 

Jobs and growth 

In countries like India, creating more jobs and fostering growth and development are top priorities. 

Beyond advanced economies, climate change has always been a low concern for most voters. 

Efforts to achieve “net zero” are not globally supported, and countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea are unlikely to align with Western climate initiatives. 

China, a major emitter, has relied heavily on coal for growth and faces significant economic costs in shifting towards climate action. 

Most of the world will continue to prioritize economic growth, often through fossil fuel use. 

Russia and similar nations will disregard climate change efforts, while China stands to profit from Western demand for green technologies. 

Driving a wedge 

Rich countries imposing climate policies on poorer nations through taxes could further divide the world. 

Wealthy nations have less financial capacity for climate initiatives due to slowing growth, increased spending on other pressing issues, and changing demographics. 

The push for deindustrialization and drastic climate measures by some Western activists is met with resistance as voters prioritize growth and prosperity. 

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