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The Foolishness of Adams and Hochul’s Work Permit Approach

Governor Kathy Hochul has joined Mayor Eric Adams and others in demanding that President Joe Biden expedite work permits for the thousands of asylum seekers overwhelming the city. However, this demand is merely a distraction from the real issue at hand – the illegal migrant crisis. The truth is that the government and the mayor are using this as an opportunity to make politically safe demands, knowing that Biden won’t deliver the billions in emergency aid they’ve been calling for. Instead of addressing the root cause of the problem and preventing more migrants from entering the country, they are advocating for work permits, which goes against federal law that states asylum seekers cannot apply for work permits until six months after filing their initial asylum request. Moreover, granting work permits would only incentivize more people to come to New York City, as word would spread that they can receive free shelter and expedited access to legal work papers. It is important to consider that the majority of these asylum seekers will not qualify for asylum under the law, as they are simply using the intention to seek asylum as a way to gain entry into the country. Expediting work permits would only exacerbate the issue, leading to increased numbers of asylum seekers and prolonged delays in resolving their claims. Additionally, providing work permits to individuals who have been denied asylum would result in a growing population of people living in the shadows, fearing deportation if they come into contact with any authority. Furthermore, sanctuary cities and states, like New York, would attract even more of these individuals, as they would be protected from deportation by local authorities. It is unlikely that Congress will change the law to align with the demands of Adams and Hochul, even when Democrats have the majority. The closest anyone has come to proposing a real solution is Adams’ call for a “decompression strategy,” which involves temporarily closing the border to illegal entry. However, Biden is unwilling to take this step because it would contradict his claims that he has done everything he legally can. The truth is that Biden and Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas are pushing the boundaries of the law to allow more people to enter while manipulating data to downplay the number of illegal entries. Currently, the number of illegal migrant families entering the country is at an all-time high, creating more challenges for New York politicians to handle. Biden’s next move may be to extend the Temporary Protected Status program to admit nationals from more countries with instant legal-work rights. While this may fulfill some of the demands from Adams and Hochul, it will only deepen the crisis in the city, as legally working migrants can still access free shelter and healthcare. Ultimately, the only real solution for New York is for the federal government to gain control over the border. Adams and Hochul understand this, but they are too afraid to voice it, so instead, they are wasting everyone’s time with the work-permit distraction.

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