The implementation of ‘Electric heat’ mandates is leading New York down a destructive path towards environmental ruin.

One part of New York state’s plan to be “carbon neutral” by 2050 is the mandate for everyone to rely on electric heat, which is sure to send bills soaring and unlikely to reduce emissions. (Source)

The goal is for those currently using oil or gas for heat to install electric heat while weatherizing buildings, but the upfront costs are enormous, so many will likely choose cheaper electric furnaces and forgo weatherization, resulting in high monthly electric bills.

In addition, there is uncertainty about the availability of electricity, as the state’s plans for solar- and wind-driven electric plants face difficulties.

An Empire Center analysis warns that the cost of installing a heat pump and weatherizing a home ranges from $14,600 to $46,200. This will have a severe impact on upstate rural communities with the lowest median household income in New York.

It is also less energy-efficient to generate power far from where it’s used and transmit it long distances than to burn gas or oil right on-site. Even with universal heat pumps, the state would need to produce far more electricity than it does now to support universal electric vehicles.

Plans for non-carbon electric generation are also problematic, which could lead to blackouts and no heat in winter unless New York continues to rely on oil and gas for power generation, potentially leading to increased emissions. (Source)

John Howard, a former Public Service Commission chairman, warned last year that the implementation of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, also known as the Cuomo-Hochul “Green New Deal” plan, would cost New Yorkers “hundreds of billions” in higher energy bills—upwards of $300 billion.

Utility bills are already rising, and they are expected to continue to grow every year as the state falls behind its targets. However, many current office-holders, including Gov. Hochul, are likely to be safely retired before the full disaster becomes obvious.

Voters need to start unseating every politician who supports this madness now before they make New York unliveable.

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