The media’s lab-leak oops, WH’s gaslighting on energy

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Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

Spot the difference #1:

The Times' differing coverage on the potential lab leak.
The Times’ differing coverage of the potential lab leak.
NY Post composite / istock/ Gett

We say: Mainstream outlets like the Times rushed to dismiss suggestions (e.g., from President Donald Trump, Sen. Tom Cotton, etc.) that COVID came from a Wuhan, China, lab. The Washington Post called the idea a “conspiracy theory.” MSNBC labeled it “debunked bunkum.” Times “science” scribe Apoorva Mandavilli insisted it had “racist roots.” Yet now even these outlets have been forced to report that President Biden’s Energy Department, like the FBI, believes the bug likely did come from the lab. Don’t expect any apologies.

This claim:

“In two years I reduced the debt $1.7 billion.”

— President Biden, Tuesday 

We say: He meant trillion not “billion” and deficit not “debt” — but the big fib is that the “reduction” he cites actually had nothing to do with him; it resulted from the scheduled end of debt-financed pandemic programs (as we’ve noted).

This excuse:

“I am a black woman. Of course.”

— Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Tuesday, on whether she was treated unfairly

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she was treated unfairly in her reelection bid due to her race and gender.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she was treated unfairly in her re-election bid due to her race and gender.
Photo by Kamil Krzaczynski/Getty Images

We say: Lightfoot claims she lost her re-election bid due to racism — as if her disastrous term as Chicago’s mayor, including record-high murder rates, had nothing to do with it. Note, too, that Chicago’s population is overwhelmingly black and Hispanic and that Brandon Johnson, who got more votes than her, is also black. Are there no limits at all to playing the race card?

Spot the difference #2:

“[Biden is] bringing down energy prices … [and] lowering people’s utility bills.”

— WH communications director Kate Bedingfield, Wednesday


“Electricity prices surged 14.3% in 2022, double overall inflation: US report”

— Utility Dive, Jan. 19, 2023

We say: How does Team Biden deal with all the pain caused by Biden policies, like his war on fossil fuels? Lie, lie and lie some more. In fact, as Drew Holden notes, there isn’t a single region in America where electricity was cheaper in December 2022 than in December 2021, per the administration’s own figures

This claim:

“We don’t tell social media companies to censor anything.”

— FBI Director Chris Wray, Wednesday

FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed the bureau doesn't tell social media companies to censor people.
FBI Director Christopher Wray said the bureau doesn’t tell social media companies to censor people.
Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

We say: No one thinks the FBI ordered Twitter or other social-media companies to ban accounts or censor info. But as the Twitter Files showed, agents did “flag” supposedly harmful info and posts that “potentially constitute violations of Twitter’s Terms of Service.” And they complained when Twitter didn’t do as “requested.” Most notably, in monthly meetings, they “warned” of possible “hack-and-leak operations” involving Hunter Biden’s laptop — leading Twitter and Facebook to censor The Post’s 1,000%-true scoops about that device.

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