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The myth of ‘nonviolent’ offenders and other critiques

Crime watch: The Fairy Tale of ‘Nonviolent’ Offenders
“‘Nonviolent crime’ is a myth. Even supposedly minor lawbreaking is generally backed by the threat of violence,” observes City Journal’s Rafael A. Mangual. Recently, in San Francisco, a shop clerk was fatally beaten with a baseball bat when he tried to stop a man from stealing beer. Progressive prosecutors would have let the criminal walk free, arguing that the offense was nonviolent. However, disregarding the theft would mean allowing an individual who was willing and able to kill over $10 to remain on the loose. It’s not just theft that poses a threat, as demonstrated by a New York City subway rider who was stabbed after asking another person to stop smoking marijuana inside the train car. Progressives who advocate for the release of “nonviolent” offenders fail to understand the reality of crime.

From the right: Dems Dogged Against School Choice
Jennifer Stefano at Newsweek asks, “Americans want education reform. Why don’t Democrats?” Despite broad bipartisan support for education reform among voters, efforts to expand enrollment and provide financial flexibility for parents continue to be a divisive party-line issue. Two Democrats, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and Georgia state Rep. Mesha Mainor, made headlines this summer with their stances on education reform. However, Shapiro backed away from his own proposal due to pressure from his party, and Mainor ultimately switched to the GOP. Real education reform requires lawmakers who are willing to represent the will of their constituents and not be influenced by special interests that have a stronghold on the Democratic party. We need more courageous elected officials like Mesha Mainor, and more Democratic politicians, including Shapiro, need to demonstrate that same courage. The exodus from several Democratic states may pose a threat to President Biden’s chances of re-election.

Urban beat: The Blue Exodus and 2024
Joel Kotkin argues at UnHerd that “Republican states are comfortably outperforming their blue counterparts economically,” prompting many people to move and potentially jeopardizing President Biden’s re-election. The strongest support for Joe Biden comes from regions, particularly the West Coast and the Northeast, that are struggling both economically and demographically. The top destinations for those leaving cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York are booming sunbelt cities such as Atlanta, Houston, and Miami. Democrats must make inroads in these thriving states, or they may find themselves outnumbered and lacking the resources to improve their condition. Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson passed away at the age of 75 last week.

Diplomatic desk: RIP, Bill Richardson
The late former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson had a unique role in foreign affairs, positioning himself as a mediator between American presidents and foreign leaders with whom direct engagement was difficult. Michael Crowley of The New York Times notes that Richardson, who passed away at 75, was known as a “dictator whisperer” and held meetings with figures such as Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, and members of North Korea’s ruling Kim dynasty. His trips are widely credited with securing the release of detained Americans when official channels were unable to achieve the same results. Richardson’s ability to charm, flatter, and employ self-deprecating humor made him well-suited for his role as a middleman to strongmen.

Eye on campus: Student Ignorance on Diversity
According to a survey, many students are closing themselves off to diverse perspectives, hindering innovation and progress. John Bitzan emphasizes in The Hill that students must understand the value of economic freedom in driving prosperity and recognize the positive impact of diversity of thought on innovation. Many students, however, want to silence speakers with differing ideas, avoid unsettling readings, and report professors who express unpopular political opinions. To contribute to a future that continues to progress, students must actively participate in shaping it by appreciating the importance of diverse perspectives and economic freedom.

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