The ‘National Divorce’ Is a Losing Strategy for the Right



You can’t win a war when the people who are supposed to lead your military don’t believe winning is possible. Our culture war is filled with right-wing pessimists who find victory in surrendering because, to them, losing is inevitable.

Conservatives look for leadership from big-name voices in right-wing media and elected officials, yet they’re increasingly becoming disappointed as some of them appear to be colluding to wave the white flag.

In one breath they talk about their love for the country they’ve been pledging allegiance to since they were in grade school, for better or worse, but in the next breath, they want a separation: They want a divorce.

Recently, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) espoused this same message on Twitter, causing conversation among the most political on the right.

“We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government,” she stated.

Her reasoning? Well, because of the progressive left: “From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

But is a “peaceful” separation plausible and desirable?

This leads me to my gripe about conservative strategy: They think they can point at the Constitution, say “1776” and magically the world will change. The truth is that the reason the woke left has taken over certain institutions was that Republicans and conservatives alike took their foot off the gas a long time ago when it comes to influencing culture.

The right doesn’t care nearly enough about rhetoric and its importance in winning. They don’t care about convincing people in a way that galvanizes people instead of behaving with a “take it or leave it” attitude and wondering why people are turned off by them.

The changes we’ve been seeing in our society didn’t happen overnight; they’ve been happening for decades. While the left has been galvanizing people and encouraging activism, the right’s solution is to act like society’s yield sign by telling people that the other side needs to slow down.

The political right has great ideas but terrible messaging and implementation. The uphill battle to reclaim sanity is a steep one, and some people seem tired. They want to sell you fairy tales about how one day there’ll be hundreds of millions of people who are going to gladly accept a divorce of some sort. A country that they claim has political turmoil and that can never get along or agree on anything will suddenly amicably agree to fair terms for some sort of separation. Right …

As Andrew Breitbart famously stated, “Politics is downstream from culture.” The changes we’re angry about started as cultural changes and private institutions, and the government is changing its policies and laws based on these new cultural narratives. If you want any real change, you need propaganda to be on your side, and right now, for the right, it isn’t.

However, it could be if there was a concerted effort to push back effectively. The problem is that too many influential people on the right are busy trying to “own the libs” instead of owning the narrative. They’re telling you they’re fighting for you while projecting your inevitable loss.

United we stand, divided we fall means something to me and should to you. The right talks about how the left is filled with socialists and communists while advocating for the separation of our country, which is exactly what socialists and communists want. They want political turmoil and confusion so they can further influence our country, and the right is falling for this trap.

If the left controls all of the mainstream media, governmental institutions, and corporate America, who do you think has the leverage during this so-called divorce? You?

If I’m completely honest: The fact that so many people on the right are even considering this incomplete thought and fantastical concept of a national divorce is utterly disappointing.

If you’re one of those sane and rational people who can see through this narrative manufactured by the industry of nihilism, then continue to fight for your country and support those willing to promote effective and realistic strategies instead of advocating for illogical outcomes.

If we divide the country, we will be conquered.

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