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The Professional Cancellation of Jordan Peterson due to his Stance on Trans Issues

Recently, the College of Psychologists in Ontario has ordered Jordan B. Peterson, a clinical psychologist, professor, and author, to undergo “professional coaching” due to his tweets that the college deemed “unbecoming of a psychologist.” Peterson discusses the charges brought against him by the administrative board, which were not from his clients. Some of the charges stem from his criticisms of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Elliot Page’s gender affirmation surgery.

Peterson explains that his suspension from Twitter as a result of a tweet about Elliot Page’s post-surgery photo led to an inquisition. He argues that he was exercising his professional responsibility by speaking out against what he considers a medical crime. Peterson points out that the United Nations recognizes forced sterilization as a crime against humanity, suggesting that medical professionals should speak up when such occurrences are observed.

Peterson expresses his opinion that Elliot Page, through post-surgery publicity, is enabling surgical professionals to deprive minors of their ability to reproduce and their long-term physical and psychological health. He argues that as a clinical psychologist, he has a duty to use diagnostic techniques that do not solely rely on self-report, considering objective measures of psychopathology and health as well as the reports of others.

Peterson criticizes therapists who ignore these diagnostic requirements, claiming they are guilty of malpractice by omission. He predicts that society will eventually view the gender affirming movement with the same horror as lobotomies and eugenics. Peterson emphasizes the moral responsibility of professionals to speak out against harmful practices and calls out psychologists and physicians for their silence and enabling actions, stating that he will not be a part of it.

Overall, Peterson emphasizes the importance of speaking out against what he sees as harmful practices in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

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