The Sky-High Gas Prices Biden Has Wanted All Along

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Joe Biden is a real pain in the pump.

Yet, you’ve probably heard President Biden say it seemingly 100 times: “I’m doing everything I can to bring down gas prices.”

Sure you are, Joe. When you came into office, the prices at the pump averaged $2.49 a gallon and now, we are at $5.01 nationally in mid-June. So whatever you’re doing to bring down gas prices clearly isn’t working.

Yet, the media does everything it can to cover for him.

For example, recently, National Public Radio offered up this lame explanation for $5 gas:

“How did gas prices get so high?” the reporter asked. “Two main factors are driving the surge in gas prices: the recovery from the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Then, the NPR reporter even regurgitated the mega-myth about Biden doing what he can to reduce energy costs and has “called on U.S. oil producers to ramp up drilling.”

But this is a big lie. The Biden administration and the climate-change fanatics WANT high gas prices so people will use less of it. They would be overjoyed if gas were $100 a gallon because nobody would fill their tank with it.

Biden’s energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, and Democrats in the Senate say that the solution is to buy an electric vehicle. Apparently, they think Americans have $60,000 burning a hole in their pockets to buy a Tesla. For those of us who can’t afford a new car, even with the $7,500 rebates paid for by taxpayers, only about 5 percent of us have electric cars. We fill ‘er up with gas.

Far from trying to bring gas prices down, nearly every Biden administration policy has been designed to make it more expensive.

My friends at the indispensable American Energy Alliance have identified—count ‘em—“100 initiatives” enacted by Biden to RESTRICT U.S. oil and gas development. These range from canceling pipelines to taking hundreds of thousands of prime drilling lands offline, to enacting environmental regulations that make drilling prohibitively expensive.

Would you invest in oil and gas with this president in office? The media has conveniently forgotten the last presidential debate, when Biden admitted to Donald Trump that he would want to “close down” oil production “because the oil industry pollutes.”

Now, suddenly, we are supposed to believe Biden is the industry’s biggest advocate?

Why can’t the greens inside and outside the Biden White House just admit that high gas prices are all part of “the incredible transition” to green energy? This is the price we all have to pay and if you can’t afford to drive under this transition, all the better because the greens don’t want people driving cars anyway. In their green utopia, everyone except the elites in Washington will get around in buses and rail cars.

I can’t wait to see how soccer moms are going to get the kids to band practice and swimming lessons this summer in a transit bus. Biden may be the first president in 100 years to preside over FEWER cars being sold and driven. He may also be the first president in modern times to see an increase in electric power brownouts and blackouts across the country because of energy shortages.

To the climate change fanatics, this is real progress. (Of course, China will still be building more than 50 new coal plants, and greenhouse gas emissions will soar.

It’s also all part of the master plan to save the planet. Biden says he wants zero oil and gas by 2035 and so far, with the oil price at $120 a barrel and gas reserve shortages, his plan is working, well, “incredibly.”

Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and an economist with FreedomWorks.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Stephen Moore


Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at FreedomWorks and co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. He served as a senior economic adviser to Donald Trump. His new book is titled “Govzilla: How the Relentless Growth of Government Is Impoverishing America.”

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