The White House demands news outlets attack the GOP impeachment inquiry — and they hop to it 

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

No sooner did Speaker Kevin McCarthy announce the GOP’s impeachment inquiry than the White House publicly demanded the press discredit it — and its liberal-media henchmen were only too happy to comply, repeatedly claiming there’s “no evidence” to support it. 

The truth? GOP probes have already turned up a ton of evidence: sworn eyewitness testimony, bank records, video and audio recordings, emails, SEC complaints, material from Hunter Biden’s laptop, even the words of the Bidens themselves.

Oh, and that the prez lied repeatedly about all of it.    

Nonetheless, the media’s fully on board with WH demands to deny it all. Below, some glaring examples:

“Republicans claim they have unearthed evidence of wrongdoing by the president   . . . In fact, there’s little to back up their allegations.”

The New York Times, Tuesday

“Republicans have literally been looking for evidence of this for years and have not yet found any.”

— Jake Tapper, CNN, Tuesday

“The GOP started with the answer and worked backward.”

— Steve Benen, MSNBC, Tuesday

“McCarthy deploys several of the mechanisms Republicans have long used to overinflate their findings.”

— Philip Bump, The Washington Post, Tuesday

“Republicans [have] uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing by the president.”

Vanity Fair, Tuesday

“Republicans claim the president has profited from his son’s business dealings overseas — but haven’t yet turned up proof.”

The Guardian, Tuesday 

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