Virginia candidate Susanna Gibson fully embraces Chaturbate to reach audiences

Will the world’s oldest profession ever change? We mean politics, of course.

Or maybe the other “oldest profession,” too: Turns out Virginia state legislative candidate Susanna Gibson used to enjoy making naughty videos (with her hubby) for money on adult streaming website Chaturbate.

We get that times have been tough, but it’s still quite a . . . notable side gig (Gibson’s day job is as a nurse practitioner).

When the news broke, she responded with high dudgeon: It’s “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me.”

Er, you posted the videos, Sue, and even solicited cash for them.

(Did you just ignore all the warnings about how everything you put on the Internet lasts forever?)

And then made yourself a public figure by running for office!

Heck, she told her Chaturbate fans she was “raising money for a good cause” — her political career? — and posted at least some new content even after she’d launched her campaign.

As a small-donor strategy, it sure gets points for originality.

So too as a Get-Out-the-Vote effort: She racked up close to 6,000 followers on the site, enough to possibly make a difference in her very purple district.

But even if voters don’t see the raunch as a sign of poor character, they have to question her basic common sense.

After all, do Virginians really want to be repped by someone who doesn’t have the savvy to keep boudoir videos solidly private, but instead monetizes them?

It practically defines politically risky behavior.

And voters have every right to know about candidates’ peccadillos (and decide for themselves on their harmlessness), just as they do about actual malfeasance.

To take a cue from our Page Six colleagues: If you don’t want it on The Post editorial page, don’t do it.  

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