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Vivek Ramaswamy’s Unbelievable Critique of Mike Pence

Vivek Ramaswamy is critical of Mike Pence and believes he failed in his duties on January 6, 2021. Ramaswamy suggests that Pence missed a significant opportunity to bring about a national compromise and unite the country through an election-reform package. However, Ramaswamy’s proposed solution would have required a large-scale federal overhaul of the election system, which typically takes years to build consensus. It is unlikely that Republicans in states like Georgia and Florida would have supported such a sudden change, while Democrats would have been opposed. Ramaswamy’s bargaining chip to make a deal would likely have involved threatening not to fulfill his constitutional duty, which would have been seen as extralegal blackmail and faced bipartisan opposition. Ultimately, Ramaswamy’s idea of creating a national consensus is unrealistic and would have heightened Donald Trump’s post-election scheme. Mike Pence acted faithfully and resolutely on January 6, understanding his obligations. Ramaswamy’s hypothetical scenario of his own role in the process is flawed and would have caused disorder. Furthermore, Ramaswamy’s proposal would have contradicted Trump’s desire to block or overturn the election results. In reality, there would have been no middle ground or evasions, and Ramaswamy’s alternative history is preposterous. This narrative allows Ramaswamy to distance himself from Pence in his 2024 presidential campaign, although it is insincere. Chris Christie has criticized Ramaswamy for his amateur approach, but all indications demonstrate that he is an accomplished professional.

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