What factors contributed to increased danger for men in America?

Since the Declaration of Independence which proclaimed “all men are created equal,” equality has remained a major concern in America.

Today, the gendered language of the phrase “all men” is objected to by feminists for not being egalitarian enough.

However, back in 1776, “all men” was meant to include women as well.

But, men and women are becoming increasingly unequal, and it’s men who are initially worse off and are falling further behind.

Life expectancy has decreased for all Americans in recent years, but more so for men, resulting in the largest gender gap in almost 20 years.

A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that as of 2021, women were outliving men by 5.8 years.

Despite natural differences between the sexes, there are societal factors contributing to the widening longevity gap between men and women.

Certain occupational risks, increased susceptibility to certain diseases, and fewer men obtaining a college education are all contributing to men’s worsening life prospects.

Progressives are often conservative in their assumptions about inequality and may overlook or dismiss inequalities that harm groups that were formerly better off.

While income and racial inequality spur protests, there are no protests or movements advocating for men’s worsening life prospects.

There are currently attacks on the concept of manhood from different directions—left as inherently “toxic” and right as idolizing hedonistic behavior without traditional manly moral responsibilities.

Despite any unfairness experienced by men, the masculine response is to endure and prosper despite inequality, rather than complaining about it or assuming victimhood.

While equality was a principle the Founding Fathers believed in, they also recognized the inherent differences between men and women that may not always be favorable to men.

Rather than viewing this as an outrage, society should acknowledge the differences between men and women, both in their virtues and hardships, and look to men’s strengths as a solution.

Daniel McCarthy is the editor of Modern Age: A Conservative Review.

Twitter: @ToryAnarchist

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