Why can’t they see that this is a battle against wickedness?

According to Israeli President Isaac Herzog, American University leaders have been influenced by “decades of brainwashing.” Herzog denounced these individuals as being on the wrong side in “a clash of civilizational values” during an exclusive interview with the New York Post in Jerusalem on Thursday. His comments were in response to the recent testimony in Congress, where the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania failed to denounce calls for genocide against Jews. Herzog, who is the 63-year old President of Israel, grew up in the centrist movement in Israel and is a former leader of the left-wing Labor party. He expressed shock at the state of the modern American left, particularly in academia, and questioned their indifference to the threat of terrorism and the violence against Jews.

Herzog also addressed the events of October 7th as a “test to the world” and emphasized the need for individuals to make a decision between good and evil. He pointed out that anti-Semitism has increased in America and Europe since October 7th, particularly on American campuses, where people who had previously spoken up about issues such as feminism and micro-aggressions had remained silent on the mass killing and rape of Jews.

He defended Israel’s military actions in Gaza and rejected claims of genocide against Israelis. Herzog also challenged the readiness to double-down on the two-state solution, insisting that the current reality requires a focus on addressing the pain, fear, and trauma experienced by the Israeli nation. He expressed hope for peace but stressed the need to deal with the aftermath of trauma and build a better future.

Herzog’s parting words were directed at those in American academia and elsewhere who had excused the violence against the Jewish nation, stating that they would be forever remembered as “people who were accomplices in thought to one of the worst crimes in humanity.” He suggested that the presidents of America’s Ivy League universities could benefit from reflecting on this statement.

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