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Why the Democrats Must Reconsider Joe Biden as their 2024 Nominee

The calendar indicates that summer is coming to an end, vacations are concluding, and it’s time to return to work. For Democrats, it’s also a crucial moment to seriously consider replacing Joe Biden as their nominee for the 2024 election. The president has been experiencing consistently low poll numbers, and the recent Wall Street Journal survey highlights this fact. The survey reveals that Biden and his policies, particularly regarding inflation and the economy, are highly unpopular, and a vast majority of registered voters do not want him to seek re-election. Instead, they prefer he retire and permanently step away from politics. Conversely, a separate Journal survey focusing on Republican voters depicts strong support for Donald Trump, with the former president enjoying a significant lead over his closest competitor Ron DeSantis. However, the most concerning news for Biden and Democrats emerges from the larger group of registered voters from all parties and independents. The survey’s most significant finding is that an astounding 73% of respondents believe Biden, at 80 years old and showing signs of decline, is too old to pursue a second term. Remarkably, this sentiment even includes two-thirds of Democrats, according to the Journal. The contrasting fortunes of the leading contenders for the presidency are stark – Biden’s popularity has plummeted while Trump’s support appears to be unstoppable. Although the poll shows the two tied at 46% in a head-to-head matchup, a closer examination of responses reveals unsettling trends for Democrats. When comparing the accomplishments, visions for the future, and mental fitness for the job, Trump consistently outperforms Biden, often by significant margins. Biden only emerges ahead in terms of likability and perceived honesty. In a peculiar turn of events in our polarized era, Trump continues to benefit from the four criminal indictments brought against him by Democratic prosecutors. The Journal notes that over 60% of Republican primary voters view each indictment as politically motivated and baseless. Furthermore, 78% believe that Trump’s actions after the 2020 election were legitimate attempts to ensure a fair vote, while only 16% believe he had illegally tried to obstruct Congress from certifying an election defeat. The survey indicates that these indictments actually strengthened Trump’s support, with 48% of GOP respondents stating that the charges made them more likely to vote for him in 2024, while just 16% said it made them less likely to support him in a general election. These responses disprove the assumption among Trump’s Republican rivals that a significant portion of his support is weak and could be swayed. The pollsters discovered that 76% of Trump supporters are committed to him and won’t change their minds, while only 25% of DeSantis voters have made up their minds. Given these trends, the White House can expect increasing pressure for the president to forgo his re-election bid. Two additional negative factors must also be taken into account. The majority of Americans believe that Joe Biden is too old to serve as president. Furthermore, as Vice President Kamala Harris lacks the public perception of being a capable president-in-waiting, a Biden-Harris ticket becomes increasingly challenging to sell as the president’s popularity declines. In a conversation with several staunch Democrats, it was surprising to observe how adamantly they believed that Harris is unfit to assume the presidency if Biden is unable to complete a second term. If such concerns become widespread, they could impact the election, especially considering Biden’s age and his frequent mistakes. Another grim factor is the likelihood of more revelations about the Biden family’s involvement in influence-peddling schemes. Since the administration and the Department of Justice refuse to provide crucial documents, including thousands of emails in which Joe Biden used pseudonyms as vice president, a formal impeachment inquiry may be on the horizon. A Journal poll reveals that 83% of voters are paying attention to Trump’s legal issues, while 66% are doing the same regarding Hunter Biden. There is a clear gap in public awareness between Biden’s legal troubles and Trump’s, reflecting media corruption in the coverage of the two men over the past eight years. Trump was “convicted” by the media in the Russia investigation long before being legally cleared. In contrast, the media protected the Biden family from scrutiny, starting with the censorship of The Post’s initial laptop stories in 2020 by Big Tech and their subsequent lack of coverage by mainstream media. However, there are hopeful signs that the media protection of the Bidens is coming to an end. As the Journal poll was making headlines, Biden’s biographer Franklin Foer stated that it would not be a total shock if the president announced he wouldn’t seek a second term. This statement, made by a Democratic apologist with extensive access to the White House, is noteworthy, as is the fact that it was NBC’s Chuck Todd who posed the question. If Todd, a prominent anti-Trump figure in the media, is considering alternatives to Biden, it suggests that he may doubt Biden’s ability to defeat Trump. If this sentiment gains traction, all that remains is for Biden to withdraw from the race and for the media to anoint his replacement. Additionally, there are questions regarding how New York is funding entitlements for non-citizens. Since the state cannot operate at a deficit like the federal government, some wonder if funds are being redirected from previously approved budget line items to cover these entitlements. For example, could money allotted for Thruway maintenance be used for non-citizen housing and healthcare? Lastly, there is speculation about the ACLU’s status, with some noticing the organization airing commercials, potentially indicating a loss in membership and financial troubles. While these are just observations, it is hoped by some that the ACLU is indeed struggling.

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