Workers Lost Money 9 out of 12 Months in 2021

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Real Wage Key Points

  • The average worker lost money to inflation nine out of 12 months in 2021. Workers came out ahead only in August, September, and December.
  • Production and non-supervisory workers did slightly better, losing money eight out of 12 months. They showed a slight gain in July as well.

Hourly Wages and Real Hourly Wages Percent Change 

Epoch Times PhotoNominal Wage Key Points

  • On a nominal basis, wages only declined once, in March, and that was for total private.
  • Wages were flat or positive every month in 2021 for production and non-supervisory workers.
  • In January, wages were flat for production workers and all private workers.

Real Hourly Earnings Since 1964

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Hourly Earnings Key Points

  • The above chart shows nominal and real hourly earnings dating to 1964.
  • The series for all private workers only dates to March of 2006.
  • In nominal terms, production workers made $4.05 per hour in February of 1973. Today they only make $26.43 per hour.
  • In real terms, production workers made $9.38 per hour in February of 1973. Today they only make $9.66 per hour.

Real and Unreal

In real terms, wages for production workers have only increased 28 cents in nearly 49 years!

That’s just over a half-a-penny per year. Moreover, “real” is not very “real”.

Neither the BLS nor the Fed counts housing prices or property taxes in their measure of inflation.

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Earlier today I noted Inflation is Up 7 percent in December Reaches Fastest Pace Since 1982.

But in 1982, home prices were directly in the CPI. Today they aren’t.

The alleged 7 percent year-over-year rise isn’t real, it’s unreal. Click on the link for lots of details.

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