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Mixed Results Obtained in Trials Investigating the Alleged Link Between Water Fluoridation and Cancer

Decades of legal battles and scientific debates have surrounded the controversial practice of water fluoridation. Several landmark court rulings in the 1970s and 1980s found a link between water fluoridation and diseases like cancer. However, these decisions were overturned on appeal, leaving concerns about potential risks unresolved. A current lawsuit filed by the Fluoride Action Network against the EPA aims to ban fluoride from water supplies nationwide, raising questions about whether history will repeat itself. The trials, which took place in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Texas, were led by lawyer John Remington Graham and documented in a 1999 article and a book titled “Fluoridation: Autopsy of a Scientific Error.” The lawsuits aimed to achieve legal recognition of the harmful effects of water fluoridation, including cancer, genetic harm, and constitutional rights violations. Despite winning each case at trial, the final outcomes were deterred by political obstacles.

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