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Recipes for Herbal Tonics and Immunity Shots to Boost Your Health

Editor’s Note: Throughout history, humans have relied on herbal tonics to maintain their health and well-being. For example, Celtic warriors would drink borage steeped in wine to ease their worries before going into battle. Today, borage is still used as an herbal remedy for depression and anxiety. The use of herbs, spices, and vegetable roots to create powerful tonics is still popular, and you can even make them at home. In her book “The Big Book of Healing Drinks: Juices, Smoothies, Teas, Tonics, and Elixirs to Cleanse and Detoxify,” author Farnoosh Brock shares a range of colorful and healing tonics that can improve your mood and detoxify your body. These tonics, also known as immunity tonics or herbal tonics, are concentrated caffeine-free drinks that are rich in nutrients. They are made by steeping a combination of herbs, spices, fruits, oils, vinegar, and vegetable roots. You can consume these tonics chilled in one or two shots. If the tonic is strong, it’s recommended to have a small snack alongside it. Health tonics offer numerous benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving digestion, calming the nervous system, providing an energizing boost, and enhancing the immune system. Although the calorie content of these tonics is minimal, they are packed with nutrition. The recipes in this book produce a quantity slightly larger than the liquid base used. Unlike other recipes that require a month of marinating, the tonics in this book can be consumed within one to two hours of steeping. Each recipe specifies the exact steep time, and it is important to consume the tonic within a week. One example of a healing tonic is the Cooling Peppermint Herb Tonic. This tonic combines lemongrass, fresh herbs, orange slices, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, peppermint oil, and pure maple syrup. Another example is the Berry Good Hydrating Tonic, which consists of blueberries, strawberries, ginger, sage, Thai basil, Persian cucumber, filtered water, and optional raw honey and lime. These tonics should be refrigerated for an hour before straining and consuming. Lastly, the Anti-Inflammatory Spicy Wake-Me-Up Shot is a quick and easy tonic made with turmeric powder, ginger powder, cayenne pepper, and almond or cashew milk. The powders are dissolved in hot water before adding the cold milk. This tonic helps reduce inflammation and aids digestion. Farnoosh Brock is a business and leadership coach, author, and speaker. She founded Prolific Living Inc. in 2011 to empower business owners and leaders through powerful mindsets and methodologies. Brock is also an expert green juicer, an Ashtanga yoga practitioner, a voracious reader, and a world traveler. Her other books, “The Healthy Juicer’s Bible” and “The Healthy Smoothie Bible,” are popular within the juicing and smoothie community. The presented content has been adapted from her book “The Big Book of Healing Drinks: Juices, Smoothies, Teas, Tonics, and Elixirs to Cleanse and Detoxify.”

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