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Sydney Residents Advised to Freeze Christmas Food Scraps Before Bin Collection Day

The Inner West Council has recently made changes to waste collection in an effort to “combat climate change.” They reduced waste collection to once every fortnight and expanded food recycling to every home.

Residents were instructed to freeze Christmas scraps before bin collection day to avoid smells from the bin. A video posted on social media advised residents to freeze prawns and other waste to prevent odors in the bin.

A local resident mentioned in the video that food scraps, including prawns and seafood, should be bagged and frozen before being placed in the green bin one day before collection to tackle any unwanted smells.

The council had previously increased food recycling to every home and reduced general waste collection to once per fortnight to combat climate change. However, the council offered to make an extra bin collection if residents made a request.

If residents find that the additional bin collection did not arrive as expected, the council suggested reporting the missed collection online or calling the customer service team. On Dec. 8, the Inner West Council provided tips for managing bins during the summer months to help residents.

Residents were also advised to put all food scraps in the FOGO bin for weekly collection and to keep the bins in a shaded area if possible. Additionally, the council advised residents to freeze all food scraps until the evening before bin collection. In addition, locals were told to wrap nappies on themselves then bag them in the landfill bin and tie dog poo in a bag.

Food Recycling to ‘Combat Climate Change’

On Oct. 9, the Council announced a new food recycling service that will include weekly collection of the green lid bin for food and garden waste.

The council highlighted that food waste rotting in landfills produces potent methane, contributing significantly to climate change. Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne emphasized that expanding food recycling to every home was the “single biggest thing our community can do to combat climate change.”

The council also mentioned that residents could book an additional red lid bin collection and register for a free, larger 240L red bin to make food recycling more successful in the Inner West. Residents were encouraged to participate in the recycling scheme to make a positive impact on the environment.

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