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Apple unveils iPhone 15 featuring USB-C charging port to adhere to EU regulations | Science & Technology Updates

Apple has revealed its new iPhone 15 range, which will feature a USB-C charging port instead of its lightning standard. This change is in compliance with EU rules, which require all portable electronics to have a universal connector by the end of 2024. Apple had previously opposed this requirement but confirmed the switch at its iPhone unveiling event. The company stated that it is adopting USB-C because it has become a universally accepted standard. The iPhone 15 range, set to release on 22 September, will include four models with USB-C connectors. This move by Apple reflects the increasing impact of regulations and geopolitical tensions on large tech companies, as they are forced to adapt their strategies and products to comply with different rules across the world. Apple’s relationship with the Chinese government, in particular, is crucial due to China being a major market and the location of much of Apple’s manufacturing. The switch to USB-C brings the iPhone in line with other Apple products as well as rival Android phones and various other devices. Some experts have raised concerns about the potential increase in e-waste resulting from the obsolescence of older cables. Apple has sought to address such concerns by announcing several environmental initiatives at the event, including the cessation of production of leather phone cases and watch straps. The company aims to become entirely carbon-neutral by 2030. The iPhone 15 also boasts various improvements, including better cameras, brighter screens, and new colors. Additionally, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 9, which features the ability to detect changes in blood flow and a new gesture shortcut.

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