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Food security is a fundamental part of National Security or even the security of humanity. But food is under attack by many interest groups for various reasons.

In the “The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back,” meeting at 12:00 p.m. ET on March 4, hosted by Dr.Meryl Nass and presented by the Children’s Health Defense TV, experts, advocates, and elected officials will share their thoughts on various topics about food security.

The following are the panelist and their topics.

Session 1: The Attacks on Food and Agriculture
Alexis Baden- Mayer: The New Deal Demolition of the Food Supply
Benjamin Dobson:      History of Incursions on Small Farms
Patrick Wood:             Technocracy’s War on Agriculture and Food
Abby Rockefeller:       Raw Milk
James Corbett:            The Future Food False Flags
Joe Mercola:               The Fake “Food as Medicine” Agenda & Synthetic Foods
Stephanie Seneff:       Glyphosate’s Negative Effects on the Ecosystem

Session 2: Solutions for Farmers
Ronnie Cummins:    Helping 60 Million More Farmers Go Organic
André Leu:                 Regenerative Organic Agriculture Nourishes the World
Mark Fulford:            Food Sovereignty = Complete Ecosystems
Bonnie Mallard:       Veterinary Vaccines and Alternative Strategies

Session 3: Solutions for Individuals
John Day:                     Preparing Your Kitchen Garden
Beverly Johannson:   No-Dig Gardening
Sara Woods Kender: Wild Foraging Essentials
Zen Honeycutt:           Community Food Solutions

Session 4: Societal Solutions
Rep. Thomas Massie:  Food Sovereignty Laws at the National Level
Alexis Baden-Mayer:   The Farm Bill: Threats & Opportunities
Heather Retberg:         Reclaiming Our Food: Food Sovereignty and the Right to Food in Maine

Alexis Baden-Mayer, and Ben Banks-Dobson: Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks.

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