Capitol Report (Feb. 24): Rep. Chabot: China Is Backing Russia

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How is the United States reacting to the biggest ground war in Europe since World War II? We bring you the latest on the ground and from President Joe Biden’s latest announcement.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill and former President Donald Trump are warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion will embolden China to attack Taiwan. On Thursday, Taiwan spotted nine Chinese warplanes in its air defense zone, just hours after Russia invaded Ukraine.

A congressman is calling on Biden to have a clear action plan to warn China and defend Taiwan in the case of an attack. With Biden now serving as a wartime president, we take a look at his role in this crisis overseas—and how the conflict will impact our economy.

Most states have started to end their mask mandates. And the CDC may update its pandemic guidance soon.

A trucker convoy starts its journey from California toward the nation’s capital. During a send-off rally, truckers set the record straight about who they are and what they hope to achieve.

Trump hosts a GOP candidate forum at Mar-a-Lago. They discussed how to take back Congress in the midterm elections.

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