Disneyland’s New App Lets You Skip the Line for $7–15 per Ride

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Disneyland recently announced its new Genie smartphone app which allows customers to skip to the front of the line for $7–15 per ride on many popular attractions.

Genie+ is a $20 per day option that will allow users to choose the next available time to arrive at a variety of attractions and experiences, which replaces their former FastPass feature, as well as Lightning Lane.

The Genie app also features an interactive planning tool and digital service designed to help customers best plan out their day at any Disney Theme Park in order to make the most out of each visit.

The new service will act as a personal assistant, helping the user help best plan one’s day at the park.

Theme park goers will tell the Disney Genie what they are interested in, such as specific attractions, food experiences, entertainment, to more general interests such as Disney princesses, villains, Pixar, thrill rides, and more.

The new features are set to show up on Oct. 19 for Walt Disney World Theme parks in Florida, with a release date soon to be announced for Disneyland Resort in California.

One will also be able to forecast wait times for rides, restaurants, and other attractions, telling customers which part of the day is best to go to their favorite attractions.

The complimentary digital service will first ask users to select their favorite things to do or see at the park for various attractions, entertainment, and dining, and then the app will plan out their day, telling customers the best order to do those attractions in, in regards to wait times, location of the attraction at the park, previously existing reservations, and more, while reducing walking distances.

Additionally, itineraries will update continuously throughout the day, which allows the user to receive planning recommendations while on the go, and can update your planning schedule if the app, which evaluates millions of possible recommendations and finds a better plan for the rest of your day.

The app will also allow users to place food orders, join waiting lists for restaurants, and even talk to Disney specialists over live chat if they have any questions about the itinerary.

Disney park lovers seemed to have mixed feelings about the app, on one hand saying it would help them prioritize their usually busy day at the park, while others were saying it would only help those who can afford the ticket upgrades.

“I love this new Genie plan,” Kathleen, a Disneyland visitor, said. “We only go to Disneyland once a year for two days and I am more than willing to spend a bit extra for this wonderful add on service. Since we have such a short time – this is a great way for us to get the most from our precious time there. I am super excited to use the Genie app to its fullest! Thanks Disney for doing this.”

“Thanks for helping me save money. Your changes have finally convinced me to quit renewing the annual passes for my family,” another visitor said.

“Super disappointed that Disney parks are taking away the much loved and used FAST PASS program that we have enjoyed and used for years. Not a magical experience anymore, this is for the guests that don’t mind spending tons of money each visit to get front of the line for certain rides, or the very rich. This is not a nice plan at all,” one visitor said.

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