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Dozens of Explicit Books Removed From Fla. School District

Several dozen books have been removed from libraries in a Florida school district after dozens complained about graphic excerpts at a public meeting, reports CBS12.

The Indian River County School Board removed the books Monday after 30 parents and community members were cut off from reading graphic passages, a rule stemming from the passage of HB 1069, which states that parents have the right to publicly read passages from any book as part of their objection to that book.

If the school board denies a parent from reading passages considered “pornographic” or “harmful to minors,” the district is required to discontinue use of such material.

“We were looking at the books in the schools and doing keyword searches like rape, incest, pedophilia, bestiality; and then we were able to find, you know, books in our schools with those,” said Jennifer Pippin, head of the Moms For Liberty Indian River County chapter.

One video showed the Rev. John K. Amanchukwu Sr. being interrupted by the board while reading the book “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher.

“As if letting him finger me was going to cure all my problems,” Amanchukwu read before being cut off.

“Sir, I’ll stop you there,” one board member responded.

Rosario told Fox News that HB 1069 “has allowed parents to read explicit books at board meetings. And if they get shut down, then the book is immediately removed. This is a good thing.

“It is the litmus test for acceptable age-appropriate and standards-driven library books. If you can’t read them at a board meeting, then you can’t have them in our schools. All that is needed now is for a ‘passage’ to be read, and the book can be removed immediately.

“The superintendent and board members refused to acknowledge the gross content made available to kids until now. Finally, they don’t have a choice. It’s about time the truth be made known. Explicit, sexually graphic, pornographic, and obscene material does not belong in any school,” she added.

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