EXCLUSIVE: Navy Seals’ Lawyer Explains Expansion of Vaccine Mandate Block

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In Georgia, an election watchdog group conducted a rather thorough investigation of illegal ballot harvesting that took place during the 2020 election. And after interviewing a whistleblower who worked as a ballot mule, after using trillions of unique cell phone ping signals to retrace the steps of the ballot harvesters, and after reviewing over 4 million minutes, they uncovered what appears to be a large-scale, ballot trafficking scheme. Specifically, a scheme in which about 240 people made approximately 5,600 different trips to dropboxes in the Atlanta area, dropping of sometimes dozens of ballots each time, and were likely paid $10 per ballot to do so. And it looks like state authorities are actually taking notice. About 10 days ago, the Georgia State Election board officially opened an investigation—and they approved a subpoena that will allow the secretary of state’s office to both secure evidence as well as compel testimony in …

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