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Felon Charged With Voter Fraud in Florida; Biden Releases Millions of Barrels from Oil Reserves

President Joe Biden is tapping the nation’s oil reserves again ahead of the midterms. What does he say, as Republicans accuse him of trying to buy votes?

Florida makes arrests for voter fraud. Police bodycam footage shows officers arresting a convicted felon who allegedly voted illegally in 2020.

Green card holders and illegal immigrants coming to Washington, D.C., may be granted voting rights. The D.C. council is moving a bill forward that would allow local voting for non-U.S. citizens.

A new report is out on how the Chinese Communist Party’s military has gained significant ground in the United States. Retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Dakota Wood joins us to assess.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic challenger Val Demings face off in a heated debate in Florida. Top issues include abortion, voting laws, and restricting gun rights.

The Justice Department is taking legal action against e-cigarette companies. The agency says they didn’t follow proper FDA rules.

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