Former Postal Clerk Pleads Guilty in ID Theft Scheme

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Tampa, Fla.—A former Florida postal clerk pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing mail and passport applications as part of an identity theft scheme.

Jasmine Wynne, 31, of Ruskin, pleaded guilty in Tampa federal court to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, five counts of aggravated identity theft and one count of theft of a postal key, according to court records. She faces up to 50 years in prison at her Nov. 17 sentencing.

While working at a United States Postal Service location in St. Petersburg, Wynne conspired with others for more than two years to defraud federally insured financial institutions, according to an indictment. Wynne opened mail to photograph personal information and did the same with U.S. passport applications, officials said. She then forwarded the photographs to others for use in a bank fraud scheme, investigators said.

The indictment also charges Wynne with stealing restricted postal arrow keys and giving them to co-conspirators. The special master keys open mail collection boxes and banks of mailboxes at locations such as apartment complexes.

Wynne was arrested in July 2020.

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