Internal Twitter Chats Show Employees Bragging About Banning Trump, Discussing Ban on Libs of TikTok

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Leaked conversations from Twitter’s internal messaging channel showed employees bragging about “successfully” deplatforming President Donald Trump and debating whether to permanently ban Libs of TikTok, an account dedicated to exposing far-left activism.

Libs of TikTok, a Twitter account with more than 1.2 million followers, is known for reposting videos of educators discussing how they indoctrinate their students into radical leftist race and gender ideologies. It has been suspended from the social media platform three times, with the most recent one taking place earlier this month following a series of posts highlighting obscene drag queen events aimed at young children.

The woman behind Libs of TikTok now says her account is facing the threat of a permanent ban, citing internal chat messages that were allegedly leaked to her by a Twitter employee who wishes to remain anonymous.

The message exchanges allegedly occurred Monday on Slack—a business messaging channel for Twitter—between employees who appear to be at least sympathetic to leftist causes, if not leftist activists themselves. The employees, reiterating a popular leftist narrative, said that Libs of TikTok should be permanently banned for propagating “targeted violence at marginalized people.”

“This has been escalating for months…but our expectations out of twitter are so low right now that the devil himself is having to squat to get to their level,” one of the employees said.

“Like I don’t get how this account, which exists solely to generate targeted violence at marginalized people, continues to be allowed to post,” they added, before moving to discuss whether removing Libs of TikTok would reinforce the public notion that the company has a severe bias against conservative users.

“But if we deplatform this account we might erode trust in our platform from users who already think we’re irredeemably biased against conservatives,” an employee said.

Another emplyoee disagreed, noting that Twitter “successfully” banned President Donald Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6, 2021, breach of the U.S. Capitol.

“I mean we successfully deplatformed Trump—I don’t think deplatforming Libs of TikTok is going to cause a mass exodus but I guess it may not be in our ‘fiduciary’ interest to enact a ban on a high profile account right now…,” the person said, in what was apparently a reference to the buyout by Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In another thread, employees claimed that Libs of TikTok, which draws much public attention to leftists’ attempts to impose transgender ideology on children, is contributing to “genocidal violence” against the transgender community.

“Trans people are being targeted for genocidal violence during pride month,” an employee wrote.

“I despise and despair the activity that is currently flourishing on our platform and empowering white supremacists/fascists to act with impunity in conducting harmful emotional and physical violence on trans folx and the broader LGBTQ+ community,” another employee replied.

The discussion for a potential ban was posted on Monday to Libs of TikTok’s substack page. Chaya Raichik, the woman who runs the account, suggested it’s no surprise that Twitter employees would have conversations like this.

“You don’t need leaked messages to know just how biased and agenda-driven these people are. The messages only confirm what we already see with our own eyes every day,” she wrote.

Libs of TikTok has already been targeted by major media outlets. In April, Washington Post internet culture commentator Taylor Lorenz authored a hit piece on Libs of TikTok, which she described as “an agenda-setter in right-wing online discourse,” with contents showing “a direct correlation with the recent push in legislation and rhetoric directly targeting the LGBTQ+ community.”

Initially included in Lorenz’s article was a link to Raichik’s real estate license, which contained her personal information. After the Post quietly edited the article to remove the link, Lorenz insisted that her doxxing behavior was justified, claiming that Raichik “could have been a foreign actor,” without providing any evidence to validate such an accusation.

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