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Joe Biden sounds the alarm, urging the global community to confront Russia’s audacious hostility | International News

Joe Biden has stated that the world must oppose Russia’s “naked aggression” and show support for the people of Ukraine.

During his speech to the UN General Assembly, he emphasized that Moscow is solely responsible for the war, obstructs peace efforts, and has the ability to end the conflict immediately.

The US president called on UN members to continue their support for Ukraine, as failing to do so would allow Russia to harm the country without any consequences.

Mr Biden stated, “If we allow Ukraine to be divided, can the independence of any nation be secure? I respectfully propose that the answer is no – we must confront this audacious aggression today and discourage future aggressors.”

He pledged that the US “will continue to stand with the courageous people of Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty, territorial integrity, and freedom.”

The president’s remarks received applause from the UN delegates, including his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who was present at the event.

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