NASA Launches Businessmen into Space

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The White House celebrates Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation. She will become the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

Now that Jackson is headed to the Supreme Court, the reviews are coming in about her Senate hearing process. Was she treated as fairly as previous Justices?

President Joe Biden’s goal is to make half of all U.S. vehicles electric by 2030. How likely is it that, and we can reach that goal? And what needs to happen to make sure we’re doing so without relying on foreign adversaries?

Although a no-fly zone is not happening, the United States took a major step to help Ukraine defend its air space.

How much longer will the war in Ukraine last and what should the United States’ role be moving forward?

As NATO leaders met to discuss their support for Ukraine, they recognized a new security threat on the horizon: communist China.

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