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New Mexico State Rep ‘Outraged’ at New Minors Gender Surgery Laws

New Mexico conservatives are “outraged” at new laws signed by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has recently signed into law that permits minors access to sex-change care and abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

“Shame on New Mexico,” District 56 state GOP Rep. Harlan Vincent wrote in a news release seeking to “expose the outrageous corruption happening in New Mexico by exposing these lawmakers and government officials that are passing laws with little to no knowledge of the public.”

“This must be stopped now.”

Conservatives are gathering signatures for a referendum to unwind the state laws signed by the Democrat governor.

“If 25% of those who voted in the last general election sign the petition within 90 days of the session’s closing date, the law will be stopped from taking effect until there is a vote in 2024,” according to nonprofit Better Together Mexico. “If this number of signatures is not obtained within the given time frame, those gathering signatures will have until four months prior to the 2024 election to gather signatures from 10% of those who voted in the last general election to have the issue put on the ballot, but the law goes into effect until that time.”

The deadline for signatures is June 16 and officials told Newsmax on Saturday that “we pray we get enough to get these on the ballot so real New Mexicans can have a say.”

“We are trying to wake up New Mexico,” the official said.

Among the laws facing opposition are the ones Grisham hailed this week in a press release for Pride month.

  • HB 7: The Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Act prohibits public bodies, including local municipalities, from denying, restricting, or discriminating against an individual’s right to use or refuse reproductive healthcare or healthcare related to gender.
  • HB207: Broadened the scope of the Human Rights Act to include on the list of protected classes gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • SB13 – Enshrined in law protections for healthcare providers and patients in New Mexico. It codified the protections outlined in the governor’s August 2022 executive order, which included prohibiting entities within the state from sharing patient information related to reproductive healthcare for New Mexico patients and providers.

“New Mexico parents are outraged as state lawmakers have passed a series of bills allowing minor children the right to receive sex change services and abortion services without their knowledge or consent,” Vincent wrote in his press release.

Vincent’s breakdown of the three laws above outlines where conservatives should be most concerned and sign up to block them.

House Bill 7:

  • Imposes on parental rights of a minor who is seeking access to gender-affirming healthcare.
  • Creates a $5,000 fine for public employees (teachers, nurses, etc.) who “interfere” with the process or reveal the minor’s intentions to parents and the violator can be brought to court.
  • Strips local authority from municipalities who may represent a constituency that finds problems with such legislation.

Senate Bill 13:

  • Provides access to reproductive and gender-affirming care to out-of-state individuals seeking such services, even being provided (in some cases) information, transportation, lodging, or material support.
  • Does not provide age restrictions or requirements for parental notification.
  • Restricts First Amendment rights by prohibiting electronic communication related to such procedures.

House Bill 207:

  • Restricts public contractors, churches, and faith-based organizations from limiting services or employment from people who do not hold the same values/morals/beliefs.

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