Tucker Carlson Says One of His Children Was in the Capitol During Jan. 6 Breach

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Thursday that one of his children was in the Capitol building during the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

“Well, I hated what happened on Jan. 6, you know one of my kids was actually in the building when it had happened—I was on the phone in real-time,” the Fox News host said in response to a question from Steve Krakauer, the host of “The Fourth Watch Podcast” on Thursday. “Anyone who calls Jan. 6 an insurrection is a liar at this point,” Carlson also said.

While Carlson, 52, did not name which one of his children was in the building at the time, it’s likely that it was his son, Buckley Carlson, who works for Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.).

“I’m from Washington. I hate disorder … People got all wound up, I get it. Some of them misbehaved, I am not gonna defend that, but it has been used, like so many events throughout history, as a pretext for something else,” Carlson also said about the Jan. 6 incident during the podcast, which centered around “Patriot Purge,” a documentary of his that seeks to offer an alternative view of the events that occurred on Jan. 6.

Carlson then suggested that the mainstream narrative around the Capitol breach is hyperbolic.

“So they lie about what actually happened, they repeat the lie with maximum aggression, and over time, that lie solidifies into the common understanding of what happened,” he said.

As “Patriot Purge” aired last month, two longtime Fox News contributors, Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, announced they would quit the television network. Some members of Congress, including Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), also criticized the release of the documentary.

Carlson’s remarks come as the House committee—of which Cheney is a key member—issued subpoenas to six more people who allegedly helped organize some of the rallies that preceded the Jan. 6 breach during its investigation of the incident.

The committee’s chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), said that some allegedly worked to stage the events, and “some appeared to have had direct communication” with then-President Donald Trump. None of these individuals have been charged with any crimes.

Subpoenas were issued to Robert “Bobby” Peede Jr. and Max Miller, who the committee claimed met with Trump in his private dining room on Jan. 4, as well as Brian Jack, Trump’s political director at the time. Rally organizers Bryan Lewis, Ed Martin, and Kimberly Fletcher also received subpoenas, the committee said.

Miller, who is running for Congress in Ohio, responded to the subpoena by saying that when he takes office, “I will make sure one of my first votes is to disband this partisan committee that has weaponized its powers against innocent Americans.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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