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US News: Trump’s Lawsuit Against Judge Halts Fraud Trial Temporarily

Donald Trump’s New York fraud trial has been temporarily paused due to a lawsuit filed by the former US president against the judge overseeing the case. The trial, which is a result of the fraud lawsuit brought against Trump and his family business by New York Attorney General Letitia James, was originally scheduled to commence on October 2nd. In his lawsuit, Trump accused Justice Arthur Engoron, the trial judge, of defying a court order from June that could limit the scope of the case against him. Trump’s lawyers also raised concerns about the judge’s denial of their recent request for a three-week trial delay, which he deemed to be baseless. An appeals court judge in New York has granted a temporary stay of the trial and referred the matter to a panel of five judges, who are expected to deliver a ruling in the last week of September. Depending on the outcome of the appeal, the trial may still begin on October 2nd. Judge Engoron has previously stated that the trial could extend until close to Christmas. Trump’s lawyers have not yet commented on the matter, while Attorney General James expressed confidence in their case and readiness for trial. The attorney general alleges that substantial evidence demonstrates Trump and his associates making false statements over a ten-year period regarding his assets and net worth, potentially inflating them by as much as $3.6 billion to secure better loan and insurance terms. She is seeking a $250 million fine and to bar Trump and his sons from leading the Trump Organization. Trump has denied any wrongdoing and has labeled James’ lawsuit as part of a Democratic “witch hunt.” The former president faces multiple legal cases in various states in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election, where he currently holds a significant advantage in the race for the Republican nomination. This lawsuit against the judge is Trump’s latest attack on the judges overseeing his legal battles.

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