White House Weighs In on Civil Unrest Inside China; Sec. Austin Says US National Security at Risk

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The White House responds to anti-lockdown protests in China. But it notably refuses to say one thing.

Former Fox News executive and author of the new book “The World We Wish” joins us to weigh in on the civil unrest unfolding all across China.

The Pentagon warns lawmakers they’re threatening national security—by slow-walking a budget for the Department of Defense.

House Republicans are asking dozens of Biden staffers to testify before Congress, including officials from the DOJ, Homeland security, and more. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy also revealed some of the Republicans’ top priorities for the incoming Congress.

We have a former chair of the Arizona GOP with us to weigh in on the slow vote count in Arizona and why he thinks key races did not turn out in favor of the GOP.

The TSA is reporting a peak in air travel. The agency says Sunday marked the biggest number of air travelers since the pandemic.

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