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A Comprehensive Examination of Gender Ideology: The Scope of LGBT Education in Canadian Schools

LGBT issues, which include lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender topics, are being taught in Canadian classrooms from kindergarten onwards. This has surprised some parents, who were unaware until their children started questioning their gender and sexual orientation. In many cases, if these topics are discussed as “equity” lessons, parents do not have to be informed.

For instance, gender identity isn’t officially discussed in Ontario’s sex-education curriculum until Grade 8, and parents may choose to opt out. However, multiple Ontario school boards have strongly encouraged teachers to incorporate gender and sexual identity into lessons outside of sex-ed, and many of these lessons do not require parental notification.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised concerns about what exactly is being taught about LGBT issues in Canadian classrooms during a conversation with concerned Muslim parents in Calgary. He claimed that misinformation was fueling their concerns and emphasized that the provincial curriculums do not involve aggressive teaching or conversion of children to LGBT.

Given the diverse approaches of each province, school board, school, and teacher, it is difficult to determine exactly what is being taught. However, The Epoch Times has collected specific examples that offer an idea of how LGBT issues are being taught in classrooms across the country and the impact these lessons have had on some students.

For example, in British Columbia, a mother was surprised when her son in kindergarten started talking about becoming a drag queen and questioning his gender after his teacher showed the class a video of a drag queen reading a book called “Worm Loves Worm.” The school, Castlegar Primary in District 20, defended the video as age-appropriate and indicated that more content of this nature is to be expected as part of province-wide Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) policies.

Similar instances have occurred in other schools across the country, where drag queens have given performances and spoken about LGBT issues. In some cases, students were selectively invited to a drag show based on teachers’ assumptions about their parents’ potential objections.

The Canadian government promotes province-wide SOGI policies, describing them as initiatives that promote inclusive and safe spaces. However, many parents have raised concerns about specific teaching resources, including books available in school libraries that contain explicit content. Some parents argue that these resources are age-inappropriate.

Resistance to introducing LGBT issues into classrooms has been reported in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where a teacher expressed discomfort with the pressure to conform and bring LGBT issues into the curriculum. This teacher shared materials from a mandatory workshop on LGBTQ+ Inclusive Education, which covered topics such as fluid gender identity and making all washrooms gender-neutral.

Overall, while the exact content and approach to teaching LGBT issues vary across provinces, schools, and teachers, there are ongoing debates and concerns surrounding the age-appropriateness and parental notification of these lessons.

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